This [WWW]green machine will let you exchange your jar of coins for goodies or raw Money!

You have the choice on how you want your money back. You can trade in your coins for gift cards or e-certificates without any fees. If you want to trade in your coins for cash, there is a 9.8% fee. Many people feel this is quite high, and decide to peruse the other fee-free options (see below). CoinStar currently [WWW]offers fee-free gift cards or e-certificates for Starbucks, Gap, Regal Cinemas, [WWW]iTunes, [WWW], [WWW], and more. You can also purchase pre-paid cellular, long-distance, and cash cards. At most locations you can choose to Donate your money to worthy causes as well.

And of course if you're a charitable person, or were collecting money for a special purpose, CoinStar lets you donate the money to charity.

CoinStar machines are nearly always somewhere close to the store's entrance. In Davis, you can find them in:

You can find other Coinstar locations through their [WWW]website's locater. There are quite a few nearby in Woodland and Sacramento. Not all Coinstar machines have the same features. Some do not have gift card options.

Other options include:


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2005-10-24 13:16:50   I recently ran $100 in pennies, nickels, and dimes, through one of these. If you take an Amazon gift card instead of cash you don't pay any fees. Made it a fairly easy choice for me, considering that I always need more books. —KennethWaters

2005-10-26 13:55:49   WOW! Sweet. Starbucks cards. <3 —MichaelGiardina

2007-08-01 00:47:01   The starbuck's card feature is really handy! —CarlosOverstreet

2009-05-11 21:34:00   I have an account at First Northern and they have been happy to exchange my coins for cash at their merchant window at no charge. —JimStewart

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