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229092_10150163326338519_568273518_6713912_3756983_n.jpgSpring Retreat 2011

[WWW]College Life is a non-denominational Christian fellowship at UC Davis. However, many people who attend come from other colleges in the Sacramento area. It is affiliated with First Baptist Church, but College Lifers are members of many churches in the area. Their vision is to "know and experience Jesus and to advance His kingdom through heartfelt worship, authentic community, and courageous acts of creative love". The College Life community aims to provide a welcoming environment in which both Christians and those investigating the faith can fellowship, learn, challenge each other, and love the world in practical ways.

As of spring quarter 2011, College Life meets every Tuesday night at 8pm in Geidt 1001.

They are also on [WWW]facebook. If you are interested in joining a College Life small groups for group discussions and activities, they have a ton! Check out their [WWW]events page for contact information. If you are an incoming freshman for 2011, visit the [WWW]freshman FB group for events and updates and get plugged into the community!

228090_10150167233695728_634470727_7221460_6766724_n.jpgLaeya Kaufman (college director), Lissa Buckel (college intern), Dan Seitz (college pastor)


229383_518092608117_201600707_30503638_1064462_n.jpgEnd of Year Luau Celebration


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2011-05-02 20:49:06   I have gone to College Life a couple of times when I first came to Davis. They really do not seem to care for new people. I tried to go back recently and give them another shot but was told by Dan Seitz that I am not welcome there. I am now on a lifetime ban from College Life. The reasoning being is that over a year and a half ago I was assaulted by a person on a service trip and they feared I would retaliate. To be honest I was angry at that person...A year and a half ago. Now I am pretty friendly with the guy, we played board games together yesterday. Anyway, just putting this out there. Also, the guy who attacked me and I did not strike back is still welcome there and attending. But as always, when it comes to church in Davis I don't matter —Dozer

2011-08-07 16:54:41   Not discounting the experiences of Dozer, I wasn't there and I cannot say for sure what happened or didn't happen, but I can say that his experiences seem unlike the experiences I had during my time in college life and the experiences that I know my friends have had there. College life is a very friendly, welcoming and supportive community. I made many close friends in college and they helped me grow in my faith with God. —ChrisDietrich

2011-08-14 21:34:32   Just ask around Davis about College Life. Least welcoming group on campus. I tried one last time before leaving town to make things right with Dan. He told me he thought it was good that I felt suicidal, this way I would now know my place. This is by far one of the sickest things I have ever heard in my life. —Dozer

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