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1640 Research Park Drive
(530) 297-1500
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Comfort Suites is a hotel located in South Davis.

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2012-02-02 23:31:32 (I borrowed a friends laptop, but, I am the one making this post.) I had a very negative experience with the General Manager while staying at the Comfort Suites UC (CA642)from January 13th to Feb 02, 2012. The General Manager Adam had the attitude, and even stated " the room is my room, not yours, I can enter it anytime I want." I had told the front desk clerk, Fouzy, that I thought one of the electrical outlets under the desk was not working. But, also said, I don't like anyone to enter the room when I am not in, when I have the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door. I left to go to the IHOP restaurant with a neiighbor from the LA QUINTA HOTEL. When I returned the General Manager Adam told me, “you forgot to take your “Do not Disturb” sign off. We checked all the outlets,and they have 120 Vs. You should read the instruction manual for your humidifier. I felt that I had inconvenienced them to check the electrical outlet. This was not any emergency, I was shocked he had entered the room in my absence when the “DO NOT DISTURB” sign was on the door. It made it difficult for me to sleep when I was there.

His attitude of feeling like he was GOD that he could enter whenever he feels like it made me very uncomfortable It exacerbated my insomnia problems, not feeling safe there. I told him that, at my apartment, they have to give me 24 hours notice to enter. Adam stated, "this is not an apartment, I can enter whether you have a "Do not Disturb" sign it or not." I couldn't understand why this rude/arrogant/I am GOD type of attitude.
I spent 8 months in Guatemala in 2007, in very cheap hotels at $5-$10 p/night, and never was disrespected this way. I got better service from the General managers at the super cheap hotels in Guatemala! I got alot better view at the La Quinta Hotel on the 3rd floor. It makes me feel like I am in Oregon again. At the comfort suites hotel, I only had a view of some bushes, and the parking lot.

I tipped Adam before he had been rude, like he is GOD, and has the power to enter rooms whether you have a DO NOT DISTURB sign or not. That was because, he went out, and bought a rubber bath mat, when I told him I had almost slipped in the bathtub. He seemed to think it was a bother, but, said he would go get one, and just said he'd keep it when I left for his other guests. So, I felt guilty for inconveniencing him, and even tipped him $5.00 for going to get the bathmat. I am not a rich person. My room was paid by Jon Berkeley Management Inc, a very professional company that I have never had a problem with treating me rudely as a tenant at Twin Pines Apartments in Davis. Some very major repairs were being done, that blocked the tenants access, hence the reason for my stay at Comfort Suites UC Davis.
I got great customer service from the front desk clerks, the breakfast bar attendant, and they do have great breakfasts. The housekeeping staff were all very pleasant, and I enjoyed any opportunity I had to practice my Spanish.
They also allowed me to bring in a hard of hearing telephone I had to use in my room. They accommodated an ambulance coming in to my room the previous Sat evening due to I was having some trouble breathing related to my Sleep Apnea.

This could have been a very pleasant stay. I am a senior citizen, I deserve to be treated better than this. I heard from some of the La Quinta Staff Hotel across the street, that they know he has done this to other guests as well, entering rooms without their permission.
I was exhausted, but, I stayed up to almost midnight, and by myself without a car carried five boxes, 2 suitcases, and several bags across the street to the better Hotel, La Quinta, and rented a room out of my own pocket, even though my room at Comfort Suite UC Davis was already being paid by JonBerkley, that was how angry I felt.

The front desk at La Quinta offered to move my vintage 1950s sewing machine over for me across the street as it was to heavy for me. As well as they provided a staff member to come with me while I checked out, as I wanted a witness that I had left the room clean, undamaged, and checked out before 11 AM. I recommend Comfort Suite, but, not the General Manager, Adam. Any further questions, or comments, email me at:
cc: La Quinta Hotel Management —deals911

2012-02-06 15:55:45 This comment is in response to the above comment submitted above by user "deals911". Unfortunately the comments are incorrect and deliberately false.

The Comfort Suites staff and management did everything possible to accommodate this guest during her two week stay. On 02/01/2012 she informed our Front Desk staff that an outlet in her room did not work. She said she was going out and wanted it fixed- she did not say to not enter the room (otherwise we would not have). Our maintenance staff found all outlets in the room to be in perfect working condition. When the guest returned I informed her that the outlet was fine. She commented that it may be broken, but also that it was new and she would return it. I suggested double-checking the instructions first. Not once did she mention that she was unhappy at this point. It should also be noted that a few days prior she called from outside the hotel and asked me to go through her room and look for a safety deposit key she had lost. I informed her that that we only enter guest rooms for emergency or maintenance items. That request definitely contradicts her complaint.

Not once did I make any of the comments she stated. I honestly feel she is confused with an earlier conversation we had when she was inquiring about emergency procedures the day after she had called an ambulance. If she would have addressed the issue with myself or staff prior to moving I think both hotel and guest would have concluded that it was a misunderstanding. It's unfortunate and disappointing that after helping this guest for two weeks that this is the course of action she has chosen to take.

Adam Gough
General Manger
Comfort Suites —gmca642

[A subsequent reply by deals911 was deleted because it contained personal attacks and potentially libelous remarks, but deals911 should feel free to leave another reply that does not include personal attacks].

2012-02-07 21:38:51   I've had many family members and friends stay here during the past few years. We even held a family reunion here which included several octogenarians and even one nonagenerian as well as multiple tots. And I've had my elderly parents stay here several times. Each time, the staff has been terrific. Adam has been exceptionally helpful. So we are loyal patrons! —Chamoudah

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