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    2. Why Community College?
    3. Community College Transfer Students
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    4. Current UC Davis Students and Community Colleges

Regional Community Colleges

Sacramento City College is the most conveniently located Community College for Davis residents with an outreach campus located in South Davis. D-Q University, a Native American community college, is located in Davis, out towards Winters, but its future is uncertain. Woodland Community College is also very convenient, approximately 7 miles from Davis. WCC always has lots of open classes and tons of parking.

Why Community College?

People attend community college for many reasons. Some people aren't interested in completing a full four-year degree, and use community college to earn an Associate's Degree or professional certificate. Some complete their first two years of college before transferring to a four-year university due to the lower cost. Current four-year university students may take classes during the summer as a low cost alternative to summer school. People who already have careers may take classes for professional development. Finally, many people take classes simply for personal enrichment - because they are interested in a subject and love learning.

Community College Transfer Students

UCD transfer students can come from any Community College. The websites [WWW] and [WWW] have rather comprehensive [WWW]lists of California State Community Colleges with links to their respective websites.

There are two options for community college students wanting to transfer to UC Davis:



Current UC Davis Students and Community Colleges

Currently enrolled UC Davis undergrads can take classes at other schools, and transfer the units in. Note, however, that there is generally a limit to how many courses that can be transferred in, subject to earning a minimum grade in the course. Not all courses are transferable. Visit [WWW] to determine what courses transfer—this varies from school to school, governed by an "articulation agreement" by the two campuses. UC Davis students must receive prior permission from the Registrar's Office to be concurrently enrolled during the Fall, Winter and Spring quarter for the units to be transfered in. You must give a good reason for wanting to take a course at a community college at the same time you are enrolled at UCD. If you don't receive permission first, the courses will not be accepted by UCD. Summer is the exception - you don't need prior authorization to take courses at a community college during the summer.

Why currently enrolled students would take a community college course:


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2005-03-21 10:09:54   Transfer students do it better! —JimSchwab

2005-05-26 12:13:19   They save lots of money too. —JaimeRaba

2005-05-26 13:59:35   Sometimes I wish I were a transfer student. Then I remember what it was like to live at home. Although VC is nice, I needed to get away from my family. —CindySperry

2005-05-26 20:45:45   I'm a transfer student, and I didn't live at home... Then again, I didn't decide to go to school until I was 20 and had already grown weary of the "real world." —SummerSong

2005-05-26 21:55:10   COOL!! Diablo Vallley is across the street from my old high school and middle school, and it is down the street from my elementary school. —JenniferChu

Comment: A lot of the above was pretty biased, and, really, just bullshit. Higher GPAs because of less burnout? Less competitive classmates? More like highschool? Sounds like commentary from someone who doesn't have the foggiest idea what they're talking about. —ss

2005-05-27 21:58:17   I found the whole "CC is like high school" thing to really vary by class. Low level math and english classes that I took tended to have more of a high school atmosphere, probably because many of the students were new to college and just taking the class because it was required. However, students in most of my classes were a lot more enthusiastic and involved than students in most of my high school classes or lower division UCD classes. —JessicaLuedtke

2005-11-03 21:55:23   I liked going to a CC, up until I began working in Davis. Davis, and probably a lot of college towns, has this stigma with the college. It's weird, but I like [WWW]Solano CC because it was close to home and way cheaper than relocating to a four-year and finding out my original UC/CSU choices wouldn't have been right for my then-undecided/now-decided major. —MichelleAccurso

2006-05-11 16:49:37   I decided against going to CC first then transfer. I thought I would save money. But I'm glad I went straight to UCD. In my first year, I was already taking upper div classes and by the end of my 2nd year, I only had 5 upper div classes left in my major so I have picked up a second major and minor. I would not have been able to do this if I went to CC initially. —JoAnnaRich

2007-04-26 19:10:35   Crap. I just wrote a huge comment and it was too long and I lost it all. To sum it up: A) More ACTUAL high school students attend community colleges, which might make it seem more like high school. B) Many instructors choose to teach at community colleges. They're not just the scraps the "real" colleges didn't let in. C) Community colleges often have a more personal experience. Your instructors are more likely to know your name, help you out, etc. —BradBenedict

2007-10-25 01:20:14   You also get to "start fresh" from your CC, I graduated De Anza with a 3.25- that ONE D is no longer bringin me down! I do miss the smaller class size, Having most of my teachers know me was a huge plus. —CrystalGallatin

2007-10-25 05:27:51   Three quarters of tuition at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills didn't cost me more than 1,000 a year. I think it's totally worth it financially and I have the spoftest spot in my heart for that school. Downside is, no one lives on campus or by campus, so it's up to you to carve your own social scene. I also feel that once you transfer, you're like a fish being transferred from one bowl to a bigger one, and you can't help but spend time swimming in its expanse and spend another half a year...if not one more year, trying to tie all ends up. I really feel like a two year college ends up becoming one year, and 3 years here. Thats just me though. —AyseG

2008-10-20 14:55:17   Junior College? Uh-oh. —CurlyGirl26

2009-02-15 17:40:25   yeah transfers! Chabot College (Hayward)!!! I was there three years and after I was admited to UCD, I had provisional admission provided I took a summer stats course at Laney College in Oakland. Transfers rock!!!! We are going to own UCD since there will be be more of us in the future, based on the way UC is moving its admissions policy. Also, it is true that community colleges can be kind of stigmatized. I didn't really realize it a whole lot til Davis, though I didn't love my CC since I knew I was going on to bigger and better things. Still I'm very glad the way it turned out becuase in HS I was a solid student at a prep school, but not really intrested in colleges and I only applied to a few state schools. I'm so glad I didn't waste my time and even though it took more than two years (I know people who take longer...they really suck you in); I'm so glad I worked hard and now I'm going here. Go Ags!!! —BryceH

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