Compassion Bench


Compassion Bench with Joe 2013-05-31.jpgThe mayor having a compassionate conversation

Compassion Corner, 3rd St. & C St. SE corner
Created by
David Breaux
Completion and dedication

The Compassion Bench is a functional art sculpture/public bench located on Compassion Corner in Downtown Davis. It is the brainchild of "Compassion Guy" David Breaux.

David got permission from AT&T (who owns the property) and organized volunteers to build a cob "compassion bench" there. The bench was designed by cob master Brennan Bird. The ceramic inlay art is by locally famous ceramic tile artists Donna Billick and Mark Rivera.


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Compassion Bench front.jpgCompassion Bench front Compassion Bench back.jpgCompassion Bench back

Detail of the artwork
Gratitude.jpgGratitude left window.jpgleft window Compassion.jpgCompassion Is__jpg.JPGis... right window.jpgright window Listening.jpgListening imagine.jpgimagine Empathy.jpgEmpathy Understanding.jpgUnderstanding 4giving.jpg4giving Mandala RIVERA '13.jpg


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2013-06-18 14:16:52   What is your written definition of the word compassion?

Compassion bench looks super cool now that it's done. —StevenDaubert

2013-12-19 14:34:47   This is fantastic. —Angel.York

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