Computer Repair


Computer need fixin'? We've compiled a list of places where you can get your computer fixed in Davis and in the surrounding areas. It is recommended that you get a clear agreement as to which services will be performed. For example, if "restoration" or "virus removal" is promised, will your computer be restored to its previous state, so that you can use it immediately? Or will only the data be retained, requiring you to restore your own settings? In addition to computer repair, Davis is home to many other business to business services.

  1. Commercial Repair Services
  2. Commercial Repair Outside Davis
  3. Free Computer Repair & Support
  4. Former Computer Repair Places

Commercial Repair Services

cbc.jpgRepair vehicle in downtown Davis next to Travel Express

Commercial Repair Outside Davis

Gone, kaput, liquidated, your-warranty-is-no-longer-valid:

Free Computer Repair & Support

Former Computer Repair Places

* IT Professional Services — Computer repair and support. Campus department computers only; as of 2013, they no longer provide repair services for students.

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