Computer Room Consultants


Computer room consultants (who wear blue CRC vests) can be found in any of the campus computer labs. CRCs can help users with computer issues such as login problems, printing problems, hardware problems, software problems, and others.

Usually there are two CRCs in each lab during the rush hours(10 am to 3 pm) to handle the increase in customer service problems and to speed up the long lines. The MU lab is the busiest during the rush hours; you can try the Hutchison lab or the Olson lab, as they tend to be less occupied then.

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[WWW]Check how many sheets you've printed this quarter.

[WWW]Printing FAQ

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2006-04-08 02:41:09   All the labs including Hutchison and Olson accumulate pretty long lines during busy hours (lunch time). More than once I counted a waitline in Hutchison that was at least 15 people long. Many CRCs recommend going to the Meyer media lab which is most likely not full at any time in the day. —RiyoKwong

2006-07-04 11:21:20   To clarify on the new print charge. You can print up to 60 sheets for free. Once you are over that you start to get charge 6 cents for each sheet. If you print up to 90 sheets then CLM will waive the fee. Anything over 90 sheets you will be charged for the 30 sheets you printed after the 60 sheets. The printing FAQ in the useful link should clarify the print charges. —SimonFung

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