Copy Shops

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Copy Shops and business establishments that offer photocopying and other services abound in our town.

Black and White, 8.5"x11"

Location Price Per Page Last Updated On
Copyland $0.08 2011.9.27
Davis Copy Shop $0.07 ??
OfficeMax Quantity discounts offered! $0.10 2014.3.31
Campus Copies $0.08 ??
FedEx Office formerly Kinko's Quantity discounts offered! $0.10 ??
Pak Mail Quantity discounts offered! $0.10 ??
Campus copy machines (various) $0.10 ??
Davis Public Library ? ??

Color Copies, 8.5"x11"

Location Price Per Page
FedEx Office formerly Kinko's $0.49
OfficeMax $0.49
Copyland $0.75
The Printer $0.75

Copyshops that are no more

Also see Departed Businesses

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