County Roads


The county road system connects the backend of Yolo County and is a great way to see the outskirts of Davis and beyond. County roads are an OK place to ride your bike. While the scenery is often good, and the traffic low (depending on the road), there is no bike lane and you might run the risk of being decapitated by farm equipment. You might also be sprayed by a crop duster (although the dusting shouldn't hurt you). If you do go out exploring the outskirts of town and the county roads, be sure to take a camera with you and bring back some photos for the wiki!

The numbering system for the County Roads works as follows:

Integer Roads are one mile apart. Letters increase from A to D.

sunflower_field.jpgSunflowers are just one of the many crops that can be seen off of the county roads. 6/18/05

County roads with wiki pages:

To read about some other roads that enter into and leave from Davis, check out the page on the town outskirts.

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