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We must keep as our goal turning away from production for war and expanding production for peace.png This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town.
All information here is for historical reference only.

crepehouse-closed.jpgMarch 18, 2010

crepehouse-eviction-notice.jpgThe eviction notice

Type of food Japanese-style Crepes and Specialties
Location 117 E Street in The Lofts building.
Hours Sunday: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday & Wednesday: 11:00AM - 11:00PM
Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 11:00 AM - 1:00 AM
Phone (530) 753-5888
Website [WWW]English [WWW]Japanese
Established 2008 (1966 in Japan)
Price range Under $10
Service speed 5 - 15 minutes
Type of restaurant Japanese
Payment Methods Cash, Visa, Mastercard
Non Food Features Free Wifi ([WWW]AeONsafe gateway), Outlets, TV, [wikipedia]Nintendo Wii, [wikipedia]Playstation3, [wikipedia]Karaoke
Menu unimenu_davis.pdf

Crepe House Uni is a restaurant chain from Japan that serves Japanese style crepes and gelato. They also offer meals and Japanese street foods such as curry, [wikipedia]Takoyaki, [wikipedia]Okonomiyaki, zaru soba, etc. Some have called it a [wikipedia]maid cafe, but the place really isn't because there is more to a maid cafe than just the costumes, which are no longer the uniform. They have a Nintendo Wii connected to the television in the back and a Sony Playstation 3 connected to both televisions. Ask at the counter if you want to play. Karaoke Night on Thursdays at 9:00 PM.

Their decor is very modern with curved-line architecture, clean lighting from the drop-down ceiling lamps, and the walls and ceiling are bright and bold pastel colors, cream green for the booths and counters, strawberry red for the support columns, fluorescent white for the ceilings. This modern sense is also reflected in the tables (stainless steel, either round or square with no hard corners) and soft, pliable plastic chairs (pale, fluorescent white — like they were made from recycled iPod cases, or the character "Eve" from the Pixar movie "Wall-E"). There was a mix of J-Pop tunes pumped over the speakers (e.g., Sowelu's "I Will"), but it could barely be heard over the chatter of customers at the tables and booths.

Their food stations are arranged in a long curved "L"-shaped booth that allows standing customers to watch their order being made. Although I did not watch my order being made, my companions did note the following stations: (Going from left to right when you first walk in the door):

The ordering process is very much like that used at Old Teahouse. Because there are no menus posted up above the cash registers, customers can grab a double-sided, plastic laminated menu from the stack at the cashier's register. They place their order (Cash, Visa and Mastercard accepted) and are handed a receipt with an order number on it. They wait (either at their tables, or stand along the curved ice-cream/crepe assembly-line display) for their number to be called.


uni_uniform.JPGThe original uniform

Originally all the working staff were (1) female; (2) Asian; (3) appeared to be under the age of 20; and (4) dressed in black, iconoclastic "cafe maid" outfits from top to bottom (hair ties and headbands with frilly lace; black blouses with shoulder trim; knee-high skirts; and black stockings). The overall appearance very much resembled a Japanese maid cafe. They were established in 1966 by Uni Public Relations Corporation in Tokyo, Japan. United States locations are/will be owned and managed by Crepe House Uni Corporation, USA or qualified franchisees.

crepehouse.jpgcrepes formerly await you inside

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2009-01-15 23:14:27   It's cool that they serve the crepes in paper cones, and they are pretty good. I had the potato butter which was fine for what it is, and I tasted my friends who had ordered the Jumbo and Ham and Cheese - much more tasty (next time I'll know to order something more savory so that I'm better satisfied). It was rather empty when I came in a little after dinner, and I'm not sure that the location is the greatest for the quick eat type of food they serve. It seems like a great place for a quick lunch - just super far from campus. The decor is kind of fun, I like the drawings on the walls. I just don't know how successful this place will be. Good crepe, sure, but I won't go out of my way to come back unless it's for a quick eat or late. Good luck! —ChristyMarsden

2009-01-16 05:08:06   Well it seems as though the comments about having no male employees can be put to rest finally. —ThUn

2009-01-19 13:18:46   My kids loved it. A great place to take a toddler and perfect portions for families trying to eat a more normal portion. And very tasty! —Lasan

2009-01-31 19:42:37   I love Uni Crepe house! try the strawberry, banana choco fresh crepe but substitute chocolate syrup with nutella for 50cents (I think.) It's delicious and filling in my opinion :) Not to mention the owner and workers are all very friendly and attentive to their customers. While you wait for your crepes you can play Nintendo Wii games, Rockband, and also use their WiFi. They will be getting their liquor license soon

sake bombs! Great place for a snack, I already come here often and will continue to do so for a long time! —cia0bella10

2009-02-06 19:22:45   Serving alcohol soon. That sounds interesting. I have a couple questions. First, is there any etiquette for playing the games in the shop? It does look fun, but I have yet triied. Do I just ask someone at the counter if I can play or what? Second, any chance at having nutrition facts along side of the menu posted here? Any word on getting the US version of the website up? —CarlosBarahona

Hello Carlos,
1. You just have to be a customer to play the games. Please ask one of the workers and we'll get things set up for you.
2. We are working on the complete nutrition facts booklet that will be available to view in the shop, and also on the website. Currently we have nutrition facts for our two new items, Mixed Berries and Caramel Apple, posted on the window and calories amount of most of the menu items.
3. I apologize for the delay of the US website. The design layout is completed, but we are still working on the contents.

Thank you very much for your time. —Sagat

2009-02-09 03:47:05   I've been here a couple of times. The crepes are very tasty, but can take awhile to prepare. I would only go here for a snack or dessert since the crepe's filling is a bit small. Sophie's Crepes is still my favorite place for quantity, but Uni is great for the taste. —TonyaNN

2009-02-14 18:42:33   TO: CovertProfessor or maybe I should say "Pervert Professor." Maybe you should keep your mind out of the gutter when you're looking at their clothes. Girls here wear miniskirts and are more revealing than those uniforms. The only thing I see is a small portion of their legs on those uniforms, other than that they're covered up everywhere else. I don't think it degrades women, I think they look cute. Maybe you're just afraid of hot girls coming up to you. I've never eaten here, but they should deserve respect. Most of these girls are probably college students and are honest hard workers. Give them some slack! —vietgirlwithappetite

*I apologize for my untrained eyes—I was unable to spot any irony in vietgirlwithappetite's comment.
I've been to Crepe House Uni, and seriously, I only see elbows and knees.
the girls are very professional and I don't think a person who's never been to the restaurant would be able to provide an accurate evaluation of the servers who work there.

Anyway, I did spot multiple ironies in most of CovertProfessor's comments.

1) claiming to be an educator, he/she perpetuates misleading stereotypes of the American pop culture about maid uniforms (as he/she frequently relates them to the word "sexy") This is equally offensive to the American stereotypes about Geishas being prostitutes. It would be an irony if this is what they teach in one of the most prestigious colleges in the world.

2) CovertProfessor talks about respect for women while he/she doesn't even know how to respect another country's culture.

3) CovertProfessor thinks that "the view of women as 'servants'" "does not project a positive picture of women" According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of a waitress is "CHIEFLY U.S. A female servant in a private house whose duty is to wait upon those at table (cf. WAITER 7c)" OUCH! I've been a waitress myself and I think I've just been intimidated

Lastly, CovertProfessor's second last comment on this page was "This is my last comment on this page; I will make no further comment." Definitely my favorite irony of the page.

Do I get bonus points for spotting so many ironies?

2009-02-16 23:14:24   Service and food were initially fine; but lately service has been very poor. Servers have been rude; e.g.-unwilling to help when I requested help, even though there were not many people in the shop. Please remind workers that customer service is extremely important!!

Thanks. —lop

Hello lop,

Thank you very much for taking your time to comment and I am sorry about your bad experiences. I shall address this problem with my employees so that it won't happen again. —Sagat

2009-02-17 15:04:17   I come in here expecting to wait a little longer for my crepe, but it's definitely worth it. It's a cute little place, and it's nice to be able to try something new each time. The crepes are scrumptious, but not quite filling. Quality over quantity, for sure. —MichellePalmer

2009-02-20 21:44:50   I love Crepe House!!!! The desserts crepes are so much than at crepeville. I love the texture of the crepe and how it kind of melts in your mouth. I'll definitely be going back for another one soon. Oh! love the uniforms too, super cute —Tiffee

2009-02-24 20:04:47   The food was good and I'd go back there if not for the uniforms and weird halloween decorations all over the interior. Shame that an otherwise good place has to be turned into something so weird. —Fidelity

2009-03-05 20:39:07   I have only tried the sweeter crepes and I really enjoyed them. The girls were extremely nice, sweet, and patient. I like the vibe of the store, and would like to applaud the owner for his dedication to customer service and feedback. I also admire his construction of a very focused concept for this restaurant, which is innovative, eye catching, and a good change for a semi-boring city like Davis.

As for the uniforms, I don't think that they are degrading women at all. Many restaurants have uniforms that are made to fit into the context of their business' theme. Crepe House Uni is no different. The costumes do not show a lot of skin, are very cute, and matches well considering that this is a more modern/hip Japanese-styled restaurant. —renee415

2009-03-06 19:59:40   my boyfriend and I went here last night. i have to say that I have never been more apauled at the lack of professionalism. while friendly, i was thoroughly disturbed that the employee making our crepes did not use gloves and have long matted hair hanging in her face (and over the food). we waited 20 minutes for two simple crepes. i acknowlege that they were very apologetic for the wait, but all the same it should't have happened as it was late and night with hardly anyone else there. the place itself is clean, but i was neither pleased with the service, food, nor hygiene. to those at crepe house uni: gloves and hair nets (or other means of keeping hair in a customer's food!) are encouraged by the FDA. At the very least, I implore you, put your hair back! —reen

2009-03-09 19:10:22   note to all potential customers looking for honest critique of crepe house uni. manager screens comments, allowing for only favorable comments. —reen

April 27, 2009   I totally agree. I recently checked this wiki again and realized my follow up comments, as well as others who spoke on the same issue, have been deleted. I know that I didn't touch it. -HeidiDris

* Who gets to decide what material stays and what goes?

2009-03-09 19:30:22   Reen: I'm not sure how that is possible. There are clearly both positive and negative comments on the page, and I don't think that I've ever seen any comments removed from this page. In fact, your own negative comment about Uni directly precedes your comment about negative comments not being allowed. So I don't think that your statement can possibly be accurate. —IDoNotExist

2009-03-09 19:30:49   Note to all Crepehouse Uni customers. Sagat screens the comments made on this page so she can run her business accordingly. Both positive and negative feedback are taken into consideration. In no way does this prevent negative feedback for example, reen's previous critique.

Again, this board is open to all customers both positive and negative. This is a public server, so Sagat has no control over what is said. She does however read comments and makes changes to the work environment depending on the critiques received. —ThUn

2009-03-09 23:06:33   Hello Reen,

Thank you very much for your time.

I once again apologize for the slow service. We had a lot of orders right before you and your boyfriend came in. We ran out of both crepe mix and whipped cream. Please understand that we tried our very best to deliver your order as soon as we could.

All employees are required to wash their hands as often as they can. Once they have leave the kitchen area or they have touched anything other than food, utensils, and containers, they have to wash their hands again. None of them are allowed to have long nails. All my employees knows that is our number one rule. It is also extrememly hard to make crepes with gloves on due to the traction.

Regarding to the hair part, I apologize for my employee who just came in for her shift forgot to tie her hair up rightaway. I will make sure it won't happen again.

Lastly, I have never delete any comments, positive or negative, on this page. If you would please click on the info link on the top of the page, it will show you what changes are made to this page, including deleted comments, and by whom. To us, all comments are valuable in helping us to make improvements and serve our customers better. —Sagat

2009-03-30 12:05:42   I just tried the crepes here yesterday with my boyfriend and his mom. We ordered the cajun sausage, jumbo chicken and portobello crepes and finished off with a azuki bean and green tea dessert crepe. Crepe House Uni has, by far, the best crepes i have ever tasted. The owner Sagat, was very polite (so were the other employees), outgoing, and attentive to our needs. Theres plenty of other crepes that I would like to try so I will definitely be back soon. —trambajuice

2009-04-16 17:50:15   Hello CEO Sagat,

Please call me back. I have been waiting for you to call me back in the last couple of days. I left you a message at 11:00 am today. Please advise me if this is not a good idea, otherwise, I will begin to use this channel to communicate with you daily. Hopefully this is the right channel to contact you. —Gloria

2009-04-26 19:05:24   I went to Crepe House Uni for the first time last night. The place is nice and the employees are friendly. Service could be a little faster, but I guess it is put into making a good crepe. I'll be coming again soon. :o) —strawberry

2009-05-06 22:01:52   I love crepes. Coming from the Bay Area, I have eaten crepes at numerous places. I was very excited when I heard Crepe House Uni was coming and it was a Japanese-style crepe restaurant. First time, I went there I encountered Sagat. Sagat was very friendly and polite! I was immediately taken by Sagat's professionalism and was treated very well. In the Asian culture (I'm Asian), it is very important to treat customers with the utmost respect, and I was not failed by the employees of Crepe House Uni.

Food: A The menu offers a wide variety of crepes from hot to cold deserts. Their gelato is also very delicious. I ordered the Gelato Crepe with Nutella and Chocolate Hazelnut. The crepe came out very quickly (under 10 minutes) and the crepe wrapper was very delightful and easy to use as well. The gelato was creamy and cold and tasted exactly what I wanted- chocolate hazelnut. The substitution for Nutella was also very worth it for the extra $.50. I will most definitely come back here to try the hot crepes!

Location/Ambiance: B+ Crepe House Uni is located in a great place in downtown- next to Beach Hut Deli and Sophia's Thai Kitchen, near the Borders Plaza and movie theaters. It's a great place to walk downtown and catch some great desert! The look of the restaurant inside is very modern, and with my appreciation for art, I liked the paintings on the walls. They have a WII that anyone can play with! The only problem is is that the place is so big that I can never imagine it being truly full. The tables and chairs looked modern, but when I sat in it, it seemed like any other regular chair. I also heard rumors of their new menu on the wall, but I have yet to see it. The location of the cash register was also very convenient. I walk in and look at their selection then I approach the nice employee ready to take my money for some delish crepes :).

Service: A As I have mentioned, all the employees are extremely polite. They have been well-trained and I commemorate Sagat for choosing nice employees! Just keep on saying hello, thank you, and please, then I will keep coming back! I also liked it when they had the work uniforms on. I have a good appreciation of those types of unique clothing. I hope they continue with the Japanese tradition!

2009-05-20 22:33:53   你好...very good sake :) May we have the Japanese beer please? Very good service and food, may be advertise on youtube? Have you checked out the yelp reviews too? [WWW]

2009-05-21 15:44:24   Hi! I heard about this place recently and I stopped by Tuesday afternoon with my friends. I really love cosplay and such and was hoping to see some of the uniforms but no one was dressed up when I went. Are there certain times when the employees dress up? —cutiekun

2009-06-07 22:02:18   I noticed several of the Yelp reviews mention the uniforms seem to be gone. Sagat, can you clarify "cosplay night?" I take that to mean it's no longer a theme and permanent dress code for employees, and that the maid costumes are now going to be only for special events. Is there a new standard uniform? —EdWins

2009-06-27 09:19:02   When will cosplay night be? —cutiekun

2009-07-30 01:18:44   Wow this page was interesting to read! haha... almost like seeing a car accident on the road... there's a morbid fascination. Anyway, I really like this place. I'm noooot so much into the coffee but I'm a really picky coffee drinker so sometimes I bashfully walk in with a cup I've purchased somewhere else. I've been playfully teased about it but it was all in good fun. I haven't tried all the crepes and it's been awhile since the gelato, but what I've had I've really liked. I do wish the portions were a bit bigger or more full of stuff but that's the American in me speaking out. But the service is always great and the ambience is awesome and there's nowhere else like it. I came in with one of the UCD Japanese professors once too for a little dessert after dinner and she said she loves the place too. :-) I've been concerned in the past about the survival of this place cause I definitely don't want to see it go down, but it's still here and things appear to be ok. :-) woot. —hitobito

"2009-08-13 12:10:00   Crepe House Uni has been closed the last 2 Tuesdays in a row when we went between 3pm and 4pm. All the tables and chairs from outside were missing, and the lights were out. There was nothing posted around, so we have no idea what is going on. The food here was always awesome, but we've had to get our fix elsewhere. Are these new unposted summer hours? robvanacker

2009-08-31 19:28:16   Hi Sagat and Crepe House Uni friends! I am always at Crepe House Uni as I find it a wonderful place to study and do work and I really enjoy the sorbets here. I have just one gripe. Since my first visits at Crepe House, my diet has changed significantly and I no longer eat animal products (meat, dairy, eggs, or honey). While I used to really enjoy your crepes, I am no longer to eat a single crepe here because the special crepe batter contains dairy. Is there any chance that new, dairy-free crepes might be introduced to the menu? As a loyal and frequent customer, this is something I would really appreciate!

Thank you for your kindness and hard work. Go Crepe House! :o) —ChrissyNoble

2009-09-03 16:55:04   Went there once some time ago, so they may have changed. But I got a desert crepe that had a drizzle of chocolate, a few almonds/walnuts and a drizzle of whipped cream wrapped up in layers of tasteless crepe. Maybe their savory is better. —jdavis

2009-09-10 22:59:52   Dang! So many comments here. Sagat obviously takes a very active role on this page. But why does the main description also double as someone's review?

Anyway, I like this place, even after just a few visits. The crepes are finer than elsewhere in town, and I feel like the portions have grown over time. I like the California and Portobello crepes, and the curry special was pretty good too. In all cases, enough food for the meal, even if you feel like you're paying a bit much for the amount. Then again, all the prices on the menu are adjusted to include sales tax.

Hard to decide whether Ice Krimski or Crepe Uni have the better gelato, but after years in Davis without any decent gelato, it's nice to even have that problem. If you have $2.50 to spend on two ounces of tasty goodness, you really can't go wrong. Especially with the marvel of free samples.

The service has gotten some attention in other comments. My experience has always been that the cashiers, servers, etc. have been friendly and helpful. My one criticism would be getting the occasional mumbler who makes no eye contact and appears to be uninterested in selling me food. Shyness or early-stage trainee? Both?

I hope business picks up when school starts again. I'm just starting to think of Crepe House Uni as a regular-ish eating/working venue. —Santani

2009-10-30 09:57:34   Crepe house uni has great crepes, but consistently terrible service. My friends and I have waited up to twenty minutes for a crepe before, and the place wasn’t even busy that day. Also, there are a few extremely rude workers here. I once went with two friends and they got our orders messed up and some girl came and asked my friend if this one crepe was hers, and my friend said she didn’t think that was what she ordered and if there were any more being made, and the worker girl just said no and tossed the plate on the table and walked away. It turned out it was indeed not the crepe she ordered as it came about fifteen minutes later and nobody claimed it. Same thing happened to me with a middle aged male employee (maybe the owner?). Anyways he brought me a crepe that was not what I ordered so I told him so and he just stood there and rolled his eyes at me. Amazingly crappy service. The only nice employee is the young guy with glasses.

2009-12-29 16:04:18   I could have sworn I commented earlier this year when I came here during the summer. I really enjoyed the 2-for-1 special they had this summer, and bought an almond creme and a caramel apple crepe. I liked them both, but wished that my almonds had been spread out more, because I got them all in the first bite. Also, there was a bit too much caramel on the apple one, so much, in fact, that my 10 year old sister couldn't even finish it. But besides that, I enjoyed my crepes. —BrookeB

2010-01-22 17:52:57   This place is a lot of fun and the crepes are delicious.

As for the uniforms, I thought they stopped using them, and I had no problem with them back when they had them.

I honestly think anyone who has an issue with the uniform really could use a little self-examination. These uniforms aren't any more "disrespectful" to the women who wear them than basketball uniforms are to basketball players. —rfrazier

2010-02-03 10:42:07   This place is more of a dessert/snack/hangout place than a full meal kind of restaurant. i think that's the mistake most people make about it. Don't come to eat if you're really starving that badly, because you'll spend a lot filling up slowly on what are basically snacks. That said, the food is really good, in my experience, and definitely very unique for Davis. I'm not sure where else you'd get anything like it. I feel that the staff have been very friendly, and while the waits can be long, they are worth it.

This is the kind of place you'd want to go with friends to study or hang out; the atmosphere is super nice and there are video games to play as well as wi-fi if you need internet.

You can also customize your food as you like—one of my housemates is the dork who ordered the bacon and strawberry crepe. Have some strange custom creation in mind? See if they have the ingredients, maybe they'll make it for you.

Also, just saying, I can see why there would be controversy over the old uniforms, but they're pretty cute and conservative and no one had to or did behave like a maid, so I guess I personally never felt anything about it. I thought it might be really fun to work in such cute uniforms, so I was sorry to see them go. —KayChang

2010-02-04 12:43:48   I haven't been back to this place since it first opened but I stopped by today and got one of their fruit crepes. The portions have changed quite a bit since I last went; it was a pretty huge amount, enough to make a meal even (I'd only stopped by for a snack). Pretty good for the price and definitely more than I was expecting even hearing that they'd increased the portions. —Ravyn

2010-02-16 20:32:13   Buttermilk crepe is amazing! Great dessert or snack for only $3! Everyone should give it a try at least once. :) —yubin

2010-02-16 22:08:58   I hate this place.

Everytime that I've ordered a crepe here, they have ran out of the appropriate ingredients to make my crepe, made me wait at least 20-30 minutes for my one dessert crepe to come out, and gotten me sick. I felt nauseous after eating their crepes and their crepes are not at all Japanese to me. I have had my fair share of Japanese crepes and these are not it. I'd rather go to Crepeville. —JYuki

2010-02-28 00:22:00   I've read a few people are upset with waiting for their food, and as an avid diner I'm sure I agree.... but sometimes you have to wait for quality! I work at a small restaurant myself, and I know what it can be like when you're understaffed— everyone is trying to do their best. In places like Davis, most times all you need is one or two people working to run a whole place since some days can be so slow. Anyhow, back to CHU, I've been going here since it opened, and I LOVE the green tea macha dango special. It's a crepe filled with red bean, topped with green tea, more red bean, whipped cream, and fresh mochi! If you've never had fresh mochi before you should definitely try it. It usually takes about 10 minutes to wait, so be patient. Also the ramen is pretty yummy too! It takes awhile to make sometimes, so beware if you have a big group. But hands down, quality is great and worth the wait. —juicee

2010-03-03 17:36:37   LOVE the Green tea gelato! I like the fact that they let you chose whether you want to hold the crepe (the traditional way) or have it on a plate (less messy) —LeeY

2010-03-06 14:09:34   What happened to this place? We brought some out of town guests to try the crepes here (after raving about them so much) only to find that A LOT of things were not available to order — enough that they had a post-it on the register listing what they were out of. Coincidentally, all four of us had to change our individual orders because they included the unavailable items. We just couldn't shake the feeling that this place has gone downhill — the level of disorganization made it feel like this wasn't just a really busy night.

The employees were visibly stressed about it so we still ordered and made substitutions, but it was all kind of a bummer.

The awful karaoke singing didn't help the situation — but there's not much you can do to help that except order your crepe to go! —MichellePalmer

2010-03-18 23:18:15   Greetings Everyone、

So just to clear up things, FDA regulations changed in which our last order of Crepe batter and international products were refused into the country. From that, we were not able to carry our primary items since the middle of February. Because of this Sagat made a difficult decision to move the business back to Asia where it is likely to prosper and continue to grow.

We would like to thank you all for being loyal customers to CHU. We totally did not expect this to happen at all, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We enjoyed serving you during our time in Davis. Thank you everyone for making CHU happen over the last year.

どもありがとうございます皆様! —ThUn

2010-03-18 23:45:34   Hi All,

I would like to know Sagat where about? I need to contact her as soon as possible. If anyone have her contact info other than her cell. Please help!! —pnip

2010-03-19 13:27:21   Oh No!! We LOVE this store! What's it about "no importing of international food" into the county? Ethic stores everywhere in US sell international food? :( —LeeY

2010-03-19 13:33:38   There is some undisclosed ingredient in our Crepe batter that was refused into the country with our last shipment that was supposed to come in late January. We toughed it out with our remaining batter till the beginning of March which explains the drop in business hours, but we found out during the end of February that we could no longer get our batter into the states. Because of the lack of notice in expectation of the batter coming in soon, we were not able to formulate an alternative batter in time to recover what we would need to cover the expenses of keeping the shop open. With that, it was decided that the shop will relocate to Asia. You are free to email Sagat with any other questions. I can only disclose the basic information that I am aware of. I'm sorry if this is not of any help. Thank you for your understanding. —ThUn

2010-03-19 13:41:25   Any idea what that ingredient was, or why it isn't allowed in? Is it harmful in some way? —IDoNotExist

2010-03-19 16:01:52   There's an eviction notice on the door... My understanding was that an "Eviction Restoration Notice" is posted after the eviction date, and basically means "you can't come back in without a Sheriff" and prevents people from trying to change the locks on their last day or something silly like that. If that's the case, there should have been an eviction notice either served personally to the owner or posted publically prior to their last days in that location [open or not - which would be when the 'eviction restoration notice' is generally put up - and the date on it for 3/18 seems to be right on]. Maybe I'm being overly cynical, but I think there's certainly something more going on here than a voluntary relocation to overseas. —ES

2010-03-19 16:07:09   Because of the reduced hours and some financial difficulties, we simply couldn't stay open in Davis any longer. The rent wasn't able to be paid. Bad economy, bad times. =\ —ThUn

2010-03-19 23:07:09   ES is very observant, ThUn you have edited my comment out before, I supposed, in the spirit to protect your friend. I admired your loyalty but at the same time really disappointed with your blind allegiance to an undeserving individual. Our family lent 150k to help Sagat opened up CHU 2 years ago. From the instance she received the fund, she has broken almost every promises she made to us. And now the store is closed and we are left out in the cold. I want to set the record straight and let everyone knows who is the real Sagat Cheung, basically just a common crook who wore different faces to get what she wants. In case anyone think I am just a disgruntled irrational individual who is out just to try to ruin her reputation, I can tell you there is already a court judgment filed against her (checked the county recorder office today, not filed by me). If you are still doubtful about my claim and if you care enough to find out the truth about Sagat, you can probably interview the loft building landlord to get a third person view about Sagat Cheung.

And if Sagat, you read my comment and felt that you want to rebut anything I said above, please feel free to call me or respond to my comment. And one last thing Sagat, the damage you have caused us transcend the boundary of monetary damage, you have basically tore our family apart and for that I hope you may never be able to sleep well at night. —pnip

2010-03-20 02:15:33   Pnip I did not edit your comment out, someone else did that because your comments are personal attacks on Sagat, not anything relevant to the store in terms of service/quality, etc. I understand your hard feelings against Sagat, but I am not in anyway serving an allegiance to her. Whatever the financial situation may be, I can only disclose whatever I am aware of.

Whatever has gone on between you two is between the two of you. I have spoken with the loft manager Karen, so I know what's going on and the situation with the rent, etc. As a former employee I speak to clarify the curiosities of our customers who would like to know what has happened to CHU. Pnip I have not called you or emailed you because it is not my responsibility to do so.

I am merely an employee of CHU, I am not Sagat's legal representative, we are not even close friends or anything of the sort. I recommend you keep your personal feelings between you and her, and keep your approach professional. Slander is not appropriate and if you really need to contact her I am sure you have her phone number or email address, you managed to find mine (which was a little stalkerish). I am not a liaison for Sagat. I am a "former" employee of Crepehouse Uni. Nothing more, please forward your concerns to Sagat, not me. I am not on here to be attacked because of some personal battle between you two, I am here to add clarification for those who wonder why the shop closed. —ThUn

2010-03-20 08:25:35   1. We are closing our location in Davis but we will still be opening in Hawaii next month and also in Asia. 2. Patrick, I have sent Gloria e-mails. I did make payments to you guys and if they were late (if so only by a couple of days) I always paid the late fee. If you did not receive my e-mails, I apologize. I am not sure what sort of "promises" that I made and did not fulfill. Our contract is not up until August (It is March now if I may remind you) of this year and if the payments were late I always paid the 10% late fees and the ridiculous $200 return check fee even though they were online transfers. I did not run away and I am not going to, but I also do not have obligations to accept phone calls. I have done everything according to the contract we have. The personal attacks are very unprofessional.
3. ThuN does not represent our company. He is a former employee and only speaks according to his knowledge.
4. We did owe rent to the landlord, thus the eviction notice.
5. There is nothing harmful in the crepe mix. They became strict with regulations and we would have to apply for 2 more licenses, which would take another 1-2 months.

Thank you very much for all your prolonged support and your time to make us better. We shall see you in Hawaii and Asia. —Sagat

2010-03-20 19:41:57   pnip: I don't see how a tax lien (the judgement filed against her company as you mentioned) and falling behind on rent payments affect personal character. It's tough times and sh!t happens. There are tons of restaurants going out of business within the past year, my dad's was one of them because he couldn't come up with rent and it's been opened for 12 years.

If Sagat is still making payments to you then I don't see a problem? From my understanding the only promise made in a loan agreement is to pay. *If* she really was running away with your 150k still doesn't mean you can come here and post all those personal attack comments. I don't believe you are even a Davis resident. Slander is not only inappropriate, it's also against the law.

I have only been to Crepe House once or twice, but I'm sad to see it go. I am sure it will do a lot better in Hawaii and Asia. Best of luck! —StellaTo

2010-03-27 01:21:14   Wow...too bad about this place! I ate at CHU in Japan, but never got around to trying it here! I guess I never will... This is really too bad, we don't have anything like CHU in Davis! I hope the next restaurant that comes through will be just as unique. —ArianeMetz

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