Curtis Computing Solutions

Davis, CA
(308) 760-8019
James Curtis
Payment Method(s)
Cash - Check - Credit Card (A discount will be provided if paying with Cash)
(Driver's license number is required if paying by check)

James Curtis Computing Solutions is owned and operated by James Curtis.
He currently has his Associates Degree in Information Technology from Western Nebraska Community

He has experience with Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7. The microsoft office Suite (2003 and 2007).
Adobe Creative Suite CS3 + CS6 and much more!!!

Custom Made PC's

Now you can get a custom made PC from Curtis Computing Solutions! Get a brand new custom made PC starting as low as $340.
Curtis Computing Solutions is going to add a "PC Menu" to their website. It will list the PC Components you want and the cost
associated with building a PC with those parts. They also offer service plans, warranties, and in some cases financing is available.

PC Repair

James Curtis Computing Solutions offers In-home and drop off PC repairs. James has repaired a several PC's in Davis so far
(look at the comments below). He also has experience in PC hardware and software through his classes at
Western Nebraska Community College. These classes include Advanced Hardware, Operating Systems, Advanced Operating Systems,
Network Administration 1 & 2, Local Area Networking, and more!

Ipod Repair

Curtis Computing Solutions can also replace broken Ipod Touch, and Iphone screens. Pricing varries based on model.

Remote PC Repair

Remote PC repair is a new option for any computer that has an active internet connection. Please contact us to see if this is an option for you.


Curtis Computing Solutions offers a wide variety of tutorials on Subjects ranging from Computers to Cars and other topics. To take a look at these tutorials visit * [WWW]

Portfolio of Websites

Websites in Development/Parked Domains

3D Modeling

James Curtis Computing Solutions can also create 3D models of your business and attempt to get them placed in Google earth.
One such example is:
[WWW]Primero Grove Apartments Office Model
that is currently placed in Google earth. To find out more information about how to get your business modeled in
google earth visit [WWW]


James Curtis Computing Solutions offers advertising on some of the websites it hosts. If you want to find out more about
advertising on these sites visit [WWW]

Social Media Marketing

James Curtis Computing Solutions can also frovide Social Media Marketing services starting for as little as $50 per month, depending on exactly what services you need.

Free Websites

You may be eligible for a free website if you allow ads to be placed on your site. To see if you qualify contact:
James Curtis Computing Solutions at

Free Software/Tools

Curtis Computing Solutions is a HUGE suporter of open source software and tools. Below are a few tools that have been released by Curtis Computing Solutions.
[WWW]A+ Quiz App (Android App - In development)
[WWW]Cable Technician Trainer (Android App - Early Development)
[WWW]Coax Loss Calculator (Android App - In Development)
[WWW]List Master (Andoid App - In Development)

Note: for the GPA Calculator to work correctly Macros must be enabled in excel.


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2010-05-21 10:42:50   Excellent Work. I had a windows XP tablet PC infected by a virus which replaced my uninit.dll file rendering me unable to log-in to my machine at all. James was able to get rid off this obstinate virus with out formatting my hard drive. I tried couple of other repair shops and every one suggested formatting my hard drive as the only solution. —him

2010-05-30 12:09:04   James came to the rescue when my laptop caught a malicious virus one afternoon. He removed the virus without reinstalling the operating system and worked into the evening to finish the job the same day! His price for his services was very reasonable. Other PC repair providers I called insisted that reinstalling the operating system was the only solution, charged much more and were less flexible with their time. He was also very patient and thorough in answering my questions and explaining what he did to remove the virus. A very good resource for fixing computer problems when time is limited and for gaining better understanding of their causes. —klanim

2010-06-01 21:58:36   An update to my last comment - my laptop started acting up again a day or so after it was returned. I decided to take it to another PC repairman in Davis who has many years of experience and he found many issues with my laptop and was able to identify and solve them right away. The other repairman cleaned out the virus, reinstalled the OS, and backed up my data for a fraction of the price more than what I had paid with James - it was quite a deal! Now it's running as fast as it was the day I first bought it. I wish the best for James but I don't think he could have fulfilled what I needed in the amount of time that I had. However he is very attentive and professional and believe he will go far as he builds his knowledge and experience. —klanim

2011-04-04 10:47:09   My computer got some sort of virus last week and I thought it deleted all my documents, pictures, music, etc. I called James and we arranged a time to meet in Davis although he's from Sacramento. Within 24 hours he had the virus removed, found my missing files, and returned my computer safely to me. It's been a week and everything seems to be working great! He was very nice, professional, timely, and helpful. I recommend! —JustineGarcia

2011-04-27 12:04:17   great work, i highly recommend using curtis computing! james came over promptly and on time, did the repair at my house (he figured out the problem w/ my browser), then called the next day to make sure all was well (it was!). great service!! —YasminVera

2011-05-12 16:54:27   This guy is a Life Saver! My mom had been having trouble with her laptop for a while now and alongside of that she has been sharing it with my sister who runs it into the ground, but my mom uses it for business and cant afford to lose her saved info so I wanted to do something about it. I needed a gift for mothers' Day and James was able to sell a Laptop to me for dirt cheap!! I think I just happen to catch him at a good time but it was a steal and my mom Loved it. I definitely recommend CCS to anybody who has a computer need because this guy has some sweet deals and if you catch him when he has overstock you just might get lucky like I did. Amazing Deals and Awesome service time! —ChristianWilliams

2011-08-14 14:38:07   Super positive experience with Jim! For the past year, I had been neglecting my laptop in terms of file backups, ignoring weird glitches that popped up, and not knowing what a lot of random files were. I met with Jim and he was great! His costs are very fair (lower than anywhere else I checked). He took 2.5 hours with me to help me to understand everything that I should be doing to maintain my laptop for optimum performance. He backed up, defragged, decluttered, got rid of weird glitches and it runs faster too. He was patient and explained everything really well. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Thanks Jim! I will surely keep his card for the future. :) —PattyBartle

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