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disc.jpg disc inside.jpgRoller derby as seen inside the Davis Indoor Sports Center.

2801 2nd Street
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Jeff, Sam and Gwen Harrison

DISC (formerly Davis Indoor Sports Center) offers a variety of programs, activities, equipment, and amenitites; combining specialized facilities for inline hockey, soccer, volleyball, and fitness. It shares the building with Explorit Science Center, located on the south side. Sac City Rollers train and have their roller derby home bouts at DISC. DISC was mentioned in a Sacramento News & Review [WWW]article about the Rollers in the [WWW]2007-09-13 issue.

The Davis Enterprise reported on 2/23/2006 that DISC would close on 3/31/2006 after struggling financially for several years.1 However, a group of local families involved with the Davis In-Line Hockey Association formed Top Shelf LLC and negotiated to lease the rink from the Harrisons to prevent it from closing. The group also plans on purchasing the rink by the end of 2006. Other parts of the building are being leased to other businesses.2 More details can be found at [WWW]http://savedisc.org, which was created in early March 2006 to raise funds to save DISC.

Since the Harrison family wanted to keep the name "Davis Indoor Sports Center," the facility is now properly refered to as simply "DISC."


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2007-05-21 22:15:06   For a roller skating rink, their floor is _not_ particularly smooth. —Catan

2009-09-12 14:52:14   DISC is temporarily serving as the Davis Public library, come check it out, it's quite interesting.... —LinaPlanuty

2010-02-28 19:03:18   Inline hockey is no played longer at the DISC, but you can play in Woodland. —SimonFung

2011-05-19 16:15:58   Does anyone know what the DISC building is used for? I use to play inline hockey here and I am aware Explorit Science Center was using the pro shop and snack bar area for their exhibits. I still receive email from the DISC hockey league and one email mentioned they closed in Davis and moved to Woodland. —SimonFung

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