DJUSD Music Program


DJUSDmusic.jpgDJUSD music faculty, April 2014, L to R, Angelo Moreno (violin), Karen Gardias, Clyde Quick (flugelhorn), [WWW]Bill Zinn, Nancy Sanchez (French horn), Veronica Tonus (flute), Tom Slabaugh (percussion mallets), Sherie Wall (trombone), Kim Cole (cello), Lydia Cooley (viola), [WWW]Greg Brucker (bass)

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General Music

DJUSD does not offer formal (taught by credentialed music teacher) general music education in the lower grades. That program was cancelled in the 1970's due to budget cuts. DHS does offer an "Essentials of Music" class, which has components of music appreciation. Some schools offer the [WWW]BRAVO Program, funded by site PTA/PTO groups. North Davis Elementary and Montgomery Elementary have run a music program called [WWW]Link Up. This May 29, 2012 Davis Enterprise [WWW]article (you may encounter a pay wall) describes this program at North Davis Elementary.

DHS offers AP Music Theory.

Music Performance

The best known part of the school music program are the music performance classes and groups. This table summarizes the performance music program in the Davis Joint Unified School District. Note that school instruments are provided for students who need them in order to participate.

Reference Links

School Booster Organization

School music teachers, current and retired

Other Resources

There are a number of local and area music programs and resources that exist outside the school music program. Private music teachers can help students.

Choir groups

Band groups

Celia Cottle's jazz program, including groups such as [WWW]Sax by Popular Demand, [WWW]Jazz Cats, and [WWW]Jazzmatazz. For further information, you can contact Celia at <jstreetjazzcats AT gmail DOT com> or (530) 756-4377

Orchestra groups

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