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DRAGON, which stands for Davis Roleplaying Activities and Gaming Organizational Network, meets Friday nights on the top floor of Wellman Hall on Campus. Meetings "start" at 5 PM but most people are usually there by 5:45. People there play a wide variety of games. The core of the group plays Roleplaying games as the main event, but there are many other types of games around. You can expect to find:

Unofficial Facebook Group: DRAGON at UCD [WWW]http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_195178573846891&ap=1
this group is brand new (March 2011) can anyone help get it off the ground.

We now have a club song. Even if you don't play D&D hopefully you'll enjoy [WWW]this

In general, people tend to play collectible card games (CCG) and board games in the early hours and role-playing games in the later hours, but there are always exceptions.

They maintain an [WWW]email list at Yahoo groups. The list is moderated for joining to prevent spambot registration — all you have to do is say something intelligible to get on. This list is frequently updated by the club officers to reflect the current club situation such as notes about found backpacks, game openings and closings, room reassignments and the yearly invasion by zombies Future Farmer's of America.

Anyone is welcome to join and show up at any time, and people are generally happy to teach newbies the ropes in new games. In addition there is a neglected Facebook group that is a part of the UC Davis network.


game.jpgA fun game of Descent:Into the Dungeon.

Among CCGs, Magic: The Gathering and Legend of the Five Rings are the most commonly played. Participants also tend to bring games such as Illuminati, Chez Geek, and [wikipedia]Fluxx. Board games are also common, but tend to be geek games like [wikipedia]Settlers of Catan and Twilight Imperium rather than childhood games such as Monopoly. Occasionally, someone brings their console games to play on the projectors of Wellman Hall classrooms.

RPG games are really the core of DRAGON, and most people in the club participate in (at least) one of the games. The longest-running was a truly bizarre [wikipedia]Alternity game, run by Dimitri Horaites for over 5 years. Other games include such varied systems and worlds as Champions, GURPS, Hackmaster, Mutants & Masterminds, or plain vanilla D&D. TylerBarrell is usually playtesting a new game, "Dragonfire" punk fantasy on A weeks and "Cape & Hammer" gritty super heroes on B weeks (both based on the "Universal Decay" alternate-d20 rules set, books will be provided), on alternating weeks. Chris Rutkowsky, creator of [WWW]Basic Action Games, runs a campaign set in the Marvel Universe (Marvel Knights) on "A" weeks. Games run either every week or every other week, excluding holidays and finals.

In addition, there are LARPs (live action role-playing) games running concurrently in The Pit, called Cirque du Perdue and No Spununkling. They typically move inside during the colder days of winter often to the basement levels. They also make use of the Hart Hall courtyard or Social Sciences and Humanities buildings at various times and when Wellman Hall is closed.

Current Games

As most games alternate weeks, games are now given assigned a letter to help us keep things straight. Games listed in italics were reported in the last game census to be open and accepting new players.

Week A Week B Week AB (every week)
Children of the GODS (D&D 4th Ed 9th level) The Shards of Ba'alesh (D&D 4th Ed 5th level) BASH fantasy
Champions (super heroes) Magic the Gathering (casual games)
Always Board Games

Even though we have these games set up, we're always looking for more GMs or players. At least some of these games still have open seats, I'm not sure which yet. It's best to just come and ask.

Upcoming Schedule

Day Alternation Notes
Apr 4th Week PD First week of Spring Quarter - Someone else has Wellman reserved
Apr 11th Week A
Apr 18th Week B
Apr 25th Week A
May 2nd Week B
May 9th Week A
May 16th Week B
May 23rd Week A
May 30th Week B
Jun 6th Week A Dead day
Jun 13th Week PD Quarter break
Jun 20th Week PD Quarter break
Jun 27th Week B Start of Summer session 1
Jul 4th Week X No games on Independence day
Jul 11th Week B
Jul 18th Week A
Jul 25th Week B
Aug 1st Week A End of Summer session 1
Aug 8th Week B Start of Summer session 2
Aug 15th Week A
Aug 22nd Week B
Aug 29th Week A
Sep 5th Week B
Sep 12th Week A End of Summer session 2
Sep 19th Week PD Quarter break
Sep 26th Week PD Quarter break
Oct 3rd Week B First week of Winter quarter
Oct 10th Week A
Oct 17th Week B
Oct 24th Week A
Oct 31st Week B Halloween
Nov 7th Week A
Nov 14th Week B New Members Night
Nov 21st Week A
Nov 28th Week PD Day after Thanksgiving
Dec 5th Week A
Dec 12th Week B
Dec 19th Week PD Finals
Dec 26th Week PD Winter break

Week O is when we have off-rotation games — people tend to play board games, one-shots, or must make sure they have enough people to run their games. Week PD is Psuedodragon (see below). Thus completes the [wikipedia]ABO system of game organization.

Club Data


The club has been running longer than most student members were alive, and has changed names several times.

It started as the Davis Gaming Club in 1992, then changed to D.R.A.G.O.N. (Davis Recreation And Gaming Organizational Network) in 1993 and settled into a comfortable niche in Wellman Hall on Friday nights in early 1994. This gaming club has continued to this very day despite antagonizing university policies.
Many years ago the officers of DRAGON, Davis Anime Club and the English Country Dancers had some overlap.

Current Officers

* President: Derek Conkle-Gutierrez
* Vice President: Sparky
* Secretary: Alexander Abramson
* Treasurer: William Chesnut
* PR Manager: Jack Lam


New Member's Night

Intended to help newbies understand how roleplaying games run, DRAGON have a New Member Night early in October. Most everyone plays in a one-night adventure, or "one-shot". DRAGON always accepts visitors and new members all year. New Member's Night in 2008 was Friday, October 17.


Every Halloween, DRAGON has a Scavenger Hunt. Items from the Past Hunts included:

The Halloween 2008 celebration was Friday, October 27.


When the campus is closed for one of many reasons, usually a holiday or finals week. The club will take over many tables at Original Steve's. At the normal club times (from 5 until they are asked to leave).

Alternately, if the normal room is not available, but Campus is open, then DRAGON will be held in Olson. Likely room 146.


psd1.jpgA rousing round of Twilight Imperium.

psd2.jpgIt took six hours and nobody reached the win condition.


If you want to meet a bunch of strange geeky guys and chicks that like to play games, feel free to wander into the main meeting room near the middle of the floor. Joe (a jolly and portly fellow, recognizable by his impressive beard) gives out free popcorn, and generally shares his pizza for a buck a slice with soda included.

Despite persistent rumors to the contrary, there are not-insignificant number of women who come to dragon for the roleplaying and board games. (Just be prepared to deal with the occasional annoying old-school guy who "forgets" that little fact from week to week. Club officers fully encourage telling annoying jerks to shut up (or attacking them with giant hyperspace mallets), especially if they're doing anything to make people feel unwelcome for anything other than obnoxious behavior.)

DRAGON is different from other clubs, as they first meet up in DRAGON Main Room in the center of the building, but then proceed to run games in other rooms. Each RPG, CCG, or even CRPG can have its own room, which really helps games move along. After all, each game is truly a different world.

DRAGON also has a permit to play Humans vs. Zombies.

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