D Bus Line



Area Served
West Davis
Unitrans Hutchison Bus Terminal
410,000 trips [2004]
Phonetic Code

The Unitrans D Bus Line leaves from the Unitrans Hutchison Bus Terminal. It serves West Davis via Highway 113 to Russell, up Lake Blvd., and down Arlington Blvd. to make a loop.

The D line stops at Arthur Street when leaving campus but does not stop at Arthur when going towards campus. Likewise, the D line stops at the University Extension Center stop leaving campus but does not stop when going towards campus.

Check out the schedule and route map at the [WWW]Unitrans website for more information.

Prior to 2007, D-MU served one union and D-Silo served the other.
As of August 2013, the D Night Service follows the same route as Day Service and does not take La Rue Road to Russell Blvd.

Destinations on the D Line

Apartment Complexes Served

D Bus Line (Weekend)

The weekend D Line runs every hour, on the half-hour from 9:30am to 5:40pm with a 10-minute offset starting after noon.
The route follows the regular weekday D Line route.

Weekend service was expanded to the D Line for the 2013-2014 service year

Rider Comments

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This is the best bus line ever. D-Line Pride! - BrentLaabs

Seriously, I hate to break it to the rest of y'all, but there's something a little bit awesome about anyone that rides the D-Line, a certain je ne sais pas... -KrisFricke

Excellent bus line.KenBloom

I've ridden most of the bus lines at some point or another, and I gotta say that my fave is the D line. It's by far the most beautiful and relaxing ride (West Davis, baby!), it's not too long and not too short, serves both the MU and Silo/Shields,

AND there's tons of hot guys. What more could you ask for?KayRide

U R TEH STUPID! P/Q ROXXORZ!!!!!1BarnabasTruman

2006-03-15 16:34:54   D line is awesome. For the most part, it is on time, quick, and always running. —MarkMcDermott

2013-10-05 22:27:54   I love to ride the D —MilesThomas

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