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503 E Street

haus.jpgArt Lessing and the Flower Vato perform at the Haus during Summer 2006.

Dam Haus was the house where Shove (see Omnibus Records) practiced and buried statues in 1994-1996, briefly became a "raver" house in 1996 and then a noise venue (DAM = "Davis Anti-Music" House) in 1997. Evolved in a more rock direction as the Varicocele Records Dude moved on, and then an awful lot of Portland / Seattle bands. In the late 2000's, it became home and practice space to local band, Mucky the Ducky, as well as a central hub for non-profit Common Frequency. Well known for having the most over the top craft services trays for the bands, including homemade baked beans, shrimp w/ aioli, and gourmet pizzas shipped from Chicago packed in dry ice.

Over the years, the house also become a mainstay in the KDVS community, hosting countless events, meetings, and fundraisers. This home's longevity as a house-show venue has been due to the lease being handed down from one KDVS DJ to another since 1989. In March 2011, the residents of the DAM Haus were informed that they will not be offered another lease for the 2011-2012 lease period, ending the 20+ year run as a music/performing arts cooperative and venue. The official reason for this decision is to make repairs and renovations on the property. The residence has been vacated as of August 31st, 2011.

Capacity of 150 people in the living room and kitchen during the Lightning Bolt show, See the Power of Salad DVD for proof.

Booking is no longer available for the DAM Haus.... but there are a lot of great house-venues here in Davis.


Past shows in sort of date order









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2005-06-06 17:02:18   The "hand-formed patty" will become the new "caviar" this Saturday night. —RickEle

2005-08-24 00:29:43   Professionally staffed churro cart in the patio this Saturday! —RickEle

2005-12-03 23:15:15   My favorite haus that hosts shows. —HeatherKlinger

2006-01-10 18:30:13   hello my name is Adrian I would like to play at your house. this is my record label: [WWW]http://www.marriagerecs.com/ my band is called "thanksgiving" please write to me at adrian_orange at hotmail dot com —AdrianOrange

2006-03-19 22:12:07   Sorry, Adrian...I hadn't checked this page until just now, but I see everything worked out as far as getting a show at Delta of Venus and then Fools Foundation. Our tiny house would have likely been inadequate to welcome all your fans here, but thanks for thinking of us. Next time you're coming through the area, you can get in touch with me at the K Records message board. —RickEle

2006-05-20 14:25:45   hello my name is travis and I am in a two piece band called 'the last slice of butter.' we are from seattle and would very much like to play at your house in august! please write me at band@arabian-nightmare.com thank you —TravisCoster

2006-06-11 17:19:46   My band is called the CJ Boyd Sexxxtet. We are an instrumental 4 piece (on this tour) consisting of bass, and 3 cellos. We've got music on www.myspace.com/thecjboydsexxxtet. We're trying to do something in Davis next month. Hit us up if you can do something on July 17th, 18th, or 20th. Hope to hear from you. —CjBoyd

2007-03-09 11:26:53   greetings dam haus. my name is brian and i play with a band. we like to call ourselves D Numbers. we'd love to play at your house. we are experienced fun-havers and we'd llike to demonstrate for you and your friends. check out our sounds: [WWW]http://www.myspace.com/dnumbersband drop me a line: dreamscream@msn.com. thanks! —BrianMayhall

2008-03-05 10:38:09   we are fellows doing are part in the diy scene in our respective cities... and realizing the world getting so very small, we thought it time to finally compile and maintain a good list of DIY spaces across the country to help us all get to know each-other a little better and keep new blood moving through our respective cities, not too mention remind us all that we are not alone.

so we are curious as to whether you would like to get listed and jump into this larger community.


if so please just give us a little blurp of what sort of things you do and the go code on listing you.


all of us —neilsadork

2008-05-14 07:06:24   My name's Dani and I'm in a band called Toothpaste from Minnesota. We're going to be in the Sacramento-ish area from July 20-30, and we were wondering if we could play the Dam Haus during that time. Also, we're pretty gearless right now so if we could borrow someone's drumset and guitar amp, that would be sweet to. Thanks! -Dani

2008-05-19 21:22:57   Hey Rick & Co. I can't believe I'm just now seeing this. Legend has it that Tiger Trap's first show was at the house.

Also, the place was never truly a raver house, but around Halloween 1995 there was lots of funny stuff floating around town and we had a couple of parties that started out as Shove shows, but ended with bad techno and naked girls on rollerskates.

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to still be able to see shows in this house. —DaniKandoKaiser

2008-07-23 00:01:59   A surprising number of people on the above list have RIP listed after their name. Does this imply that this abode has a remarkably high mortality rate, or am I reading this wrong? —IDoNotExist

2008-09-14 23:37:43   The "RIP" does not actually mean that the past resident has died, but just moved on. While I cannot confirm that all of those former residents listed are still living, I have seen some recently enough to say, pretty confidently, that they are alive and well. Not sure who started the "RIP" or what it means, exactly, but it seems like it has lived on over the years. —SeanJohannessen

2008-12-18 14:36:18   JUNE MADRONA would like to play at Dam Haus March 24th. Is that date available? our website is bicyclerecords.com/junemadrona please email me at ross(at)bicyclerecords(dot)com
thanks! -ROSS

2009-05-14 18:35:50   yo DAM house we're from the bay area and kinda wanna play outside of the bay area so is there anyway we could play at your house sometime this summer? got any dates open? any shows we could just hop on?

if you wanna hear us here is our myspace: myspace.com/videowinepartyrules


2009-06-17 00:32:04   Life on Mars wants to rock the haus this upcoming school year. How do we get in touch? myspace.com/lifeonmarsrock, lifeonmarsband@gmail.comLifeOnMars

2009-07-28 11:47:44   The traveling Bootz Orchestra is looking to play a house show in Davis in September on the 28th (a monday...ouch). Can this be made happen? DAM House looks sweet. We is [WWW]http://www.myspace.com/bootzorchestra and bootzorchestra@gmail.com. Thanks. —ashleyking

2009-08-10 17:06:25   We are a folk band called Awkward Starfish from UC Santa Barbara and are going on tour in mid-September. We are going to be in nor-cal from September 11-16. Are any of those dates available to play? Here is our myspace and email: www.myspace.com/awkwardstarfishband and awkwardstarfish@yahoo.com. This house sounds awesome. —awkwardstarfish

2009-11-29 12:06:37   Western Massachusetts band, PROBLEM WITH DRAGONS (www.myspace.com/problemwithdragons), is setting up their 1st West Coast Tour. PWD is somewhat stoner-rock/sludge-metal/grunge. maybe a 90's Melvins sound? PWD has opened for bands like Lightning Bolt, Dead Meadow, Murder Junkies. DATES NEEDED IN NORTHERN CA ARE: FEBRUARY 5 or 9 (prefer feb 9). PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP THIS TOURING BAND!!! Email pibetousan@hotmail.com and THANKS!!! —robertamerican

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