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photo.jpgA snap of me.. c. 2007 Hi, my name is David Poole and as of September I will no longer be living in Davis.
I didn't come to the town for the sake of the university, but chose to go to Davis for the sake of the town. Being from a relatively sterile area of Orange County, I found the small environment and isolated group of well educated people an amazing phenomena that I decided to attend the university over Berkeley. In the first few months here I found the wiki thanks to my brother, and met BrentLaabs at a meeting of DRAGON. From there I met the wiki's founder and even contributed a bit in developing the css and testing for Wikispot, a project which has sadly floundered.
I had a good time at the university, changing my majors I ended up staying an extra year for classes, and then a year more until I became employed in Richmond and couldn't keep up a silly commute. I love the town and will continue to return, not only are so many awesome people there, but it is a wonderful place of memories that I will hold dear.
If you want to know about me, check previous versions of this page, ask me a question on my talk page, or perhaps facebook. I try to keep everything updated but it is rather difficult in my busy life.

I enjoy these things greatly:
Barista Brew Cafe
Village Bakery

But then again, maybe when you are reading this, they have all become some sad shade of their former glory.

If you are looking to reach me or otherwise investigate my life, this table might be of help

E-mail: <thepoole AT ucdavis DOT edu>  edit-1000.png
Hours: 6 A.M. to 12 A.M. Daily
Phone: 714-721-7844
AIM: Enodios
Social Networking: [WWW]Facebook
Blog: [WWW]LiveJournal

I also tried to start a wiki for my home town of [tustin]Tustin.. it kinda flopped.

I am greatly amused when people link every word in a sentence.
I am also amused when people link the same thing twice in a single page.

Have a bit of meaningless metric as to my contributions to this wiki.

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I also realized that a talk section on a person page would be a neater way to include conversations. So go there to leave comments and such.

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