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Through multidisciplinary classes and programs for the regional community, the Arts Center inspires creative expression in people of all ages and fosters an environment for the arts to flourish.<br> + <br> + Founded in 1959, Davis Arts Center has remained true to its core mission. Today, we offer more than 300 classes in multimedia art, music, dance, martial arts and physical wellness. We also host a variety of theater and music performances each year, including our annual Classical Guitar Series, as well as other fun, interactive family-friendly programs, such as Discovery Art and Junk 2 Genius.<br> + <br> + We invite the community to visit the Tsao Gallery, which features diverse works throughout the year by talented local and regional artists. As a participant in the community’s 2nd Friday ArtAbout, we introduce each new exhibit with an artists’ reception.<br> + <br> + Davis Arts Center is a private nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization governed by an up to 21-member Board of Directors. Funding comes from class and membership fees, individual donations, corporate and foundation support, and the ["Davis Art Center Annual Holiday Sale"].<br> + <br> + Davis Arts Center is also made possible from the support of volunteers. The Arts Center is always looking for enthused volunteers to help aide in the execution its wide range of programs; feel free to visit the front desk or email for more information. Both long and short term volunteer positions are available.<br> + <br> + Members get a $10 discount on all classes. Rates are $30 for an individual and $50 for a family annual membership. College students and seniors (60+) can get a membership for $20.<br> + <br> + <br> + <br> + <br> + ==Staff==<br> + <br> + Erie Vitiello, Executive Director<br> + Ariana Rundquist, Operations Manager<br> + Allison Sertic, Marketing &amp; Communications Manager<br> + Liz Phinney, Office Administrator &amp; Volunteer Coordinator<br> + E. Kay Henderson, Bookkeeper<br> + Sean Olivares, Evening Assistant<br> + <br> + ==Media==<br> + <br> + [}, March 2014.<br> + [ Read a blog post] by ["Davis Life Magazine"], July 2010.<br> + [], Invite for you to join us in Discovery Art!<br> + [] by ["The Davis Enterprise"], June 2012.<br> + [ Read the Sept. 19, 2012 article] about the collaborative mural project at the ["Roe Building"], ["The Davis Enterprise"].<br> + <br> + [] Events in conjunction with the UC Davis Arboretum.<br> + <br> + [ Read the March 27, 2013 Davis Enterprise column] about Tour de Cluck and the Holiday Sale.<br> + <br> + <br> + ==Pictures==<br> + <br> + [[Image(davis_art_center.jpg, "Front entrance ©["Users/GrahamKolbeins" Graham Kolbeins] 2004", thumbnail)]]<br> + <br> + <br> + [[Comments]]<br> + ------<br> + ''2008-08-17 06:07:21'' [[nbsp]] My daughter took a few classes here this summer. They were amazingly good classes with fantastically friendly and instructive teachers. She had a great time and I suspect the DAC is one of the better kept secrets in Davis that shouldn't be kept a secret. --["Users/WesHardaker"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2011-02-25 03:23:32'' [[nbsp]] The classes my daughter has taken have been great. BUT please remember to lock your cars and keep all valuables and bags with you. Thieves are lurking! --["Users/kimcatacutan"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2012-01-12 16:58:21'' [[nbsp]] Just got treated very poorly by DAC and Mindy Manville. Signed my daughter up for a musical on 7 Dec 11. When she went to the class on 12 Jan 12 they informed her they had decided to not let her participate. Wasted my time dragging two kids there and broke my daughters heart. And not a single apology from Mindy or the front desk who has not refunded my payment! --["Users/SharonHughes"]<br> + <br> + This student did not meet the age minimum in an overenrolled class, and both our office and I called the family, spoke to the dad who apparently did not communicate our messages. We offered a refund, and apologized profusely. We sometimes accept underage enrollees in our Mini-Musical classes, but not without teacher approval and previous experience. --["Users/MindyManville"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2012-12-01 21:27:55'' [[nbsp]] Come out to the last day of the Davis Art Center Holiday Sale on Sunday. 72 fantastic artisan vendors, childrens crafts and delicious soup!! Brave the rain for some holiday cheer! --["Users/shellygilbride"]</span> </td> </tr> </table> </div> Davis Arts Center 15:42:40JasonAllerUpload of image <a href="">DAC_Banner.JPG</a>.Davis Arts Center 12:23:24JasonAllerUpload of image <a href="">Davis_Art_Center_Sign.JPG</a>.Davis Arts Center 12:23:11JasonAllerUpload of image <a href="">Davis_Art_Center.JPG</a>.Davis Arts Center 15:49:59JasonAllerUpload of image <a href="">davis_art_center.jpg</a>.