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The Davis Bee Collective

The Bee Collective is a group of small-scale beekeepers dedicated to the cooperative practice and promotion of ecological apiculture...

Honey Extraction Party!

Here are some pictures from the Fall honey extraction party. We had about a dozen folks show up and use extractors to spin out over 150 pounds of the good stuff. Thanks, bees!

extractors.JPG uncapping.JPG Jeff_pouring_honey.JPG

Monthly Meetings

The Davis Bee Collective meets regularly—once a month—in the evening over a potluck dinner. Our first meeting was held on Monday, October 9th. The next meeting will be Friday, November 17th. Anyone feel like hosting it?

During future meetings we might review articles concerning ecological apiculture and discuss observations, challenges and solutions relating to the condition of our beehives. We can organize field trips to local apiaries, plan new projects and spread awareness about upcoming opportunities.


The Davis Bee Collective enables its members to share equipment amongst the group that may otherwise be too costly or cumbersome for individuals to possess on their own. In this way we can all share in the use and maintenance of books, magazines, honey extractors, filters, pollen traps, wax melters, vehicles, carpentry tools and other equipment that makes beekeeping pleasureable.


Members of the Davis Bee Collective pool their hives to fill pollination contracts for organic farms in and around the Sacramento Valley. All hives slated for pollination services are rigorously checked for strong health before transportation.

Free Swarm Catching & Bee Removal
If you have a swarm of honeybees at your home or business, give us a call and we will find them a healthy home where they will be lovingly cared for. Before you call, it is helpful to note when the swarm was first noticed, how high off the ground it is, how large it is and how accessible it is. We can usually have someone out to the property within an hour of the call.


Through the season we offer one-day workshops for beginning beekeepers that cover the basics of honeybee biology, equipment, and management techniques for raising healthy bees on a small scale. For a list of upcoming workshops, please check the calendar.


An ecological beekeeping class will be offerred at the UC Davis Experimental College during Spring Quarter 2007. The class will go into detail about honeybee biology, the history of honeyhunting and apiculture, ecological management practices, and issues surrounding the future of beekeeping. Students will be responsible for reading selected articles and presenting on a topic of their choice.

How to Join

Anyone can join the collective. There are no membership fees and meetings are free. Come to the first meeting on Sunday, September 17th, and get in on the collective from the get go. For more details, email Eli at ndemik@yahoo.com.


What's the buzz on the Davis Bee Collective?

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- Glad to hear that Eli is organizing the club, I would like to help out this fall if I can, relate some beekeeping knowledge and such. You should post the meeting time on this wiki page, it would make the club more open to new members dropping in. - KarlMogel

- Right on, Karl. Throw your name on the members list. We haven't gotten going, yet, so any suggestions you have will be well received. EliSarnat

- Don't you need a liscense from the state Structural Pest Control Board to remove bees from people's home's / businesses / structures? - KrisFricke

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