Davis Carpet Sales

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606 Pena Dr. Suite #400
Monday-Thursday: 9:00am-4:00pm

Please add information to this page about sale of carpets at this location.

Please be aware this location does not rent trucks.

Open seven days a week, they have:


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2007-12-01 13:53:52   I went here to rent a U haul and it was nice that I was able to get one for my move in July - i was afraid that it would end up being full. Anyway I had to be in the Bay area for work and on the saturday for my U Haul day, I was going to cancel since the place I was moving into wasn't ready yet (NOTE: Call 24 hours in advance). I was going to cancel until I was told there was a $50 cancellation charge since I didn't cancel before 24 hours. Okay - so I decided to get the U Haul (which would be about $25.00) - when I got there, the woman had left, wouldn't pick up the phone, etc. I think this is pretty poor service. Later after I filed a dispute with U Haul about the $50 charge after not being able to even pick up the van I had reserved, they said the woman said I had yelled at her and hung up on her which wasn't what happened. Due to her not being there when I wanted to pick up the U Haul, I got charged $50. I later rented the U Haul for my move from a place on Stockton Blvd in Sacramento which had much better service. In my opinion, I think the woman who worked there was quite rude and falsified what had happened to U Haul. I wouldn't recommend renting from here if you can prevent it - especially on a weekend since they are NOT open on weekends. —RohiniJasavala

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