Davis Citizen of the Year



The award for Davis Citizen of the Year is given by the City. The plaque listing the recipients hangs in City Hall above a penny farthing bicycle.

Does anybody know the criteria?

Year Recipient
1945 Calvin Arthur Covell Jr.
1946 Flora McDonald
1947 C.A. Maghetti
1948 Richard Barlow
1949 Helen Perry
1950 Gray Rowe
1951 L. N. Irwin1
1952 B. A. Madson
1953 Vernard B Hickey D. A. Madsen
1954 Leonard F. Smith
1955 Edgar H Markham
1956 Helen M. Heitman
1957 Edward B. Roessler
1958 Joe J. Truffini
1959 Percy E. Symens
1960 A. Vern Ihrig
1961 Harry J Whitcombe
1962 J. Price Gittinger
1963 Kathryn T. Chiles
1964 A. Doyle Reed
1965 Craig Armstrong
1966 Herbert H. Rourke
1967 Ernest F Hartz
1968 John W. Brinley
1969 Christine Blanchard
1970 William Lotter
1971 Kathleen Green
1972 Warren A. Westgate
1973 Robert Oliver
1975 James F. Wilson
1976 Herb and Hanna Bauer
1977 Dair Rausch
1978 Dick and Lois Grau
1979 Fred Foerster
1980 Betsy Truffini
1981 Peggy Epstein
1982 Joyce D. Wisner
1983 Barbara Kado
1984 Thomas H. Frankel
1985 Judy Wydick
1986 Vic and Camille Lim
1987 Bill and Nancy Roe
1988 Richard and Barbara Lindholtz
1989 Ruth Asmundson
1990 Lea Rosenberg
1991 Nancy Keltner
1992 Robert and Rachel Hagan
1993 Foy S. McNaughton
1994 Doug Arnold
1995 Cass Sylvia
1996 Dean and Janice Labadie
1997 Dick Frost
1998 Jay Gerber
1999 Judy Moores
2000 Ted Puntillo
2001 Donna Y. Lott
2002 Paul Hart
2003 Renee Liston Margaret Hoyt
2004 Debbie Davis
2005 Ray and Verena Borton
2006 Betty Berteaux
2007 Carol Lee Cross
2008 Mary Philip
2009 Shirley Goldman
2010 Jim Beckett
2011 Adam and Janice Bridge
2012 Rick Gonzales
2013 Ann Evans


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Listing these should provide a view into the zeitgeist of those in power. If nothing else creating pages for each of them seems reasonable.JasonAller

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