Davis College Democrats/City Council Candidates Questionnaire, 2008


The Official Davis College Democrats City Council Candidates Questionnaire, 2008

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Welcome to the official Davis College Democrats (DCD) questionnaire for all five Democratic Davis City Council candidates in 2008. Here's a little background and info for all of you not so familiar with the current race:

The Davis College Democrats felt the need to put themselves into the fray this year by endorsing two, possibly three city council candidates. DCD feels that getting involved in local elections was important, and giving endorsements and club coordinated campaigning in the month of May for the endorsed candidates might ultimately help to swing the election in their favor. DCD also feels it is important that students take a more active role in the community most of them live in, and giving endorsements while backing it up with a potential army of grassroots activists will help to send a clear message to the community that student issues really do matter in the City of Davis.

According to the endorsement procedures of the DCD [WWW]club constitution outlined in Article 8, section B, DCD is sending out a club-approved questionnaire to all five Democratic City Council candidates. The questions focus mainly on student issues, ranging from growth of housing to a tenants bill of rights. After DCD has given what it considers a reasonable amount of time for the candidates to get back to them, they will evaluate the candidates' responses and use them to help decide who to endorse. DCD will also base its endorsements off of the results of the DCD-sponsored city council candidates forum which will be held somewhere in Wellman Hall, April 23, at 7 PM. Stay tuned to the club [WWW]blog, facebook, and/or the Aggie for more details on the forum! DCD will update this page with answers to the questionnaire and will check in regularly to make sure people are not tampering with the questions and answers.

Concerning Rob Roy, as he is a member of the Green Party, and the DCD [WWW]club constitution forbids the club from endorsing "non-Democrats for any position" (Article 8. Section A), DCD will not be sending Rob Roy a questionnaire nor will it be able to endorse him as a candidate. However, the questions will be publicly available on this wiki for all to see and edit, and he is welcome to respond to DCD's questions on the page, preferably under the Daviswiki screenname RobRoy.

UPDATE (4/13): DCD will vote on endorsements for both city council and state assembly in the evening of April 30th. We respectfully request that officials acting on behalf of their campaigns decline to attend the endorsement meeting.

(Note: most of the stuff you see above was written by Brandon Key, an active member of DCD)

Ladies and gentlemen, here are the questions:

Disclaimer: Some of the candidates feel that they did not answer some of these questions to the best of their ability when they first responded to these questions and may contact DCD in the future with revised answers. For the interest of space, if the revised answers to not backtrack on an earlier response they gave, the new response will simply be pasted over the old response. Of course, on Daviswiki, you can click on the info button at the top and check out what was written before.

Growth Policy

Student Issues

Social issues



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2008-04-25 07:55:00   I'm currently at Memphis International Airport, having just attended the Young Elected Officials Network National Convening in Little Rock, Arkansas. I just wanted to say that I'm extremely impressed with the informativeness of the Davis College Democrats City Council Candidates Forum and Questionnaire. The only thing that would have made the forum and this web page more informative would be the inclusion of former ASUCD Senator Rob Roy. I wish I'd had a chance to participate in more student-led opportunities like these when I ran in 2004 and 2006. Because of your work, I've actually learned a great deal about my current and prospective colleagues' views, particularly about renters' rights. I don't remember any of the two dozen candidates forums I've been in ever asking about tenants' issues (with the notable exception of the ASUCD forums), even though most Davisites live in rental units. I can't thank DCD enough. —LamarHeystek

2008-04-25 11:20:34   Thanks Lamar! —brandonhkey

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