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Heron Technologies 1123 Olive Drive.jpgTheir current location on Olive Drive HeronTechnologiesNew.jpgPhoto of their old location on 5th Street

1736 Picasso Ave. Suite C
Mon-Friday 10:00AM-5:00PM
Saturday- Sunday Closed
(530) 759-0134
<sales AT herontechnologies DOT com>

Note: Moved to Picasso Ave. as of March 1, 2014! From Olive Drive.

"Heron Technologies is changing its name to Davis Computer - Over the last several year we have been debating on changing the name of the company. There have been numerous questions about why we want to change the name and logo. One argument why we should not change the name is because we have established a reputation and a name for ourselves in Davis. The name of the company was originally chosen at random. The logo was designed by a college friend and was suppose to depict an abstract heron. Over the years I have been asked hundreds of time why our logo is a picture of a sperm swimming downstream. So the final decision is to change the retail name of the store to Davis Computer. The company will still be Heron Technologies but DBA Davis Computer. It is easier to write and spell. Thank you for your years of support." - Khanh (owner)

Heron Technologies has been a brick and mortar store since 1996. They have real sales people and technicians that you can talk to. Established by 2 college students, they have been able to service the community's computer needs for over 18 years. They are licensed by the city of Davis and have a BEAR license from the State of California to repair electronics. All technicians have at least the basic A+ certification for computer repair. Compared to other brick and mortar stores in the Woodland and Sacramento area, they are one of the lowest-priced places to repair your computer.

Heron Technologies sells computers (desktop and laptop), Plasma and LCD TVs, computer components, and cellular phone service/accessories. Their main business is computer service and sales. The rates range from $65 per hour for standard service, $75 for scheduled service to $110 for emergency service. They carry the largest selections of cables in Davis. If you need a VGA cable or wireless cards, then this is the place to go.

Heron services out-of-warranty Apple computers and all PCs, servers, and printers. They are authorized for HP, Sony, IBM, Toshiba, Linksys, Logitech, and more. They do not service Apple computers still under warranty — the closest place is the Apple Store at Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento.


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Also see comments before 2009

2009-05-31 19:49:42   They gave me a really good deal on Arctic Silver 5, and that stuff can be expensive. A+! —NicholasKnoblauch

2009-10-12 11:19:36   They have been posting cell phones on Craigslist for a couple of months for about $100 or more than they cost anywhere else (check Amazon or just about anywhere else). Many of the phones they are asking way way to much $ for are already outdated or discontinued. —GarrettGallegos

2009-10-12 11:23:02   PS: I'm fine with the fact that they charge $10 for a SATA cable, just because I understand they have to pay rent and what not and can't do that while charging $1-$2 like Monoprice.com (hint), and there isn't anywhere else in Davis to get one except OfficeMax if you're lucky. But the prices they are posting for cell phones on Craigslist just seems like a huge flagrant scam. —GarrettGallegos

2009-10-28 15:46:30   Khanh, You're right, it sounds like it sucks for you, but I don't think anyone forces you to be a cell phone carrier or run a computer shop where you get the bad end of that deal. I merely wanted people to know what I thought if your phones on Craigslist, which hasn't changed. I don't know what you mean by New - those phones look ancient. I'm not just talking about some markup % bs for you, I'm at talking about whatever the 200-300% price discrepancy is which I still don't understand... I'm happy to buy my imported STUFF wherever I want since it isn't locally produced and is imported from Japan or China to begin so don't make yourself sound like such a saint. Sorry, sounds like you are good people and run a cool business, but maybe its just the wrong industry for a small biz like you, maybe the big carriers screw you over as an independent dealer, maybe they ship you old phones that are impossible to sell, but I can tell from the phones you post on CRAIGSLIST that something is wrong somewhere. Good luck to your business. —GarrettGallegos

2009-12-21 18:58:42   The reason I'd pay Heron Technologies a little more for something vs saving a few bucks here or there is that I know that if I have a problem with said purchased item I can take it back to Heron and get the problem solved one trip. Heron is local, they have a business license, they've been around since almost DOS . If you buy something on craigslist, you're getting either second hand items, with little to know assurance that if it breaks within a day you can return it. Sure you could go to fry's and save a few dollars but look at my prior comment regarding my one said trip to fry's. I spent more in gas and wasted time trying to get them to replace a broken item they sold me I ended up getting a full refund, telling them to shove it, and went to Davis Computers where I bought an item ONCE and it's been working to this day.

The only benefit I see to craigslist is that if you get screwed you can write up a snappy paragraph and hope to be put into the "Best Of". Bottom line is I'd rather pay more for somtehing quality and know I can take it back to the store and get the problem(s) fixed right away. I'm sure the many thousands of customers who've shopped at Heron/Davis Computer feel the same way.

Cheaper is not always better. The fact that everyone who promotes this on the wiki these days seems to be a UCD student amazes me. What exactly do they teach at that college?

2010-02-27 23:48:34   I bought a computer from Heron two years ago. The price was very high for what I got, and the network card died last week. In a separate dealing with them, they "fixed" an external hard drive for me a month ago, but a component they used failed; they did not help in replacing it, but left it to me to contact the vendor, ship it to them, and reinstall the new interface - not what I'd call customer service. —franklr

* If you purchased a computer from us 2 years ago then the network card would have been built into the motherboard. We sell Intel Boxed product that comes with a 3 year express exchange warranty. We would have warranteed the motherboard for you at no charge. So the fact is that I don't believe you. There is no way to contact you or verify your claims. I believe this comment to be untruthful. This sounds like something that a competitor would put on our wiki site. —Khanh

2010-03-28 15:30:06   I don't care if you think Heron's customer service is bad, NOTHING is as bad as Fry's, where they stare at you or ignore you or just plain don't know what they should be selling you. Any hardcore geek in D-town knows that sometimes you just want to buy a soda from 7-11 (Heron) instead of going out of your way and fighting the crowds at the Megalo-mart (BB, Fry's). Benefits, limitations, it's what computing is about. —YesItsMe

2010-04-10 16:23:24   I can count on one hand the number of people that were Heron customers that have told me that they were done with Heron. I can also tell of a number of people that have brung there computers to Heron and it's been as long 2 weeks and they had done nothing with their computer. I had thier an estamate to them in less than a day have had their computer back to them in 2 to 3 days. So if the owner of Heron wants to post comments about BEAR License to my Wiki page. Beware! He's got my Ire. That's taking dirt about another business and that doesn't sit well in my book. It's something that I wouldn't do. Now they are a tarket of mine. I know they most likely just laugh at this comment just like a number of years ago when they past my place of business and just laughed then. It just shows their arrogance! Todd James - Computer Depot —ToddJames

2010-06-24 14:37:52   In reading all the comments about this business, I just wanted to chime in and put in my two cents. I attended UC Davis from 2000-2004, when Heron Technologies was the only computer store in town and was located across from the Baskin Robbins. It was a smaller store, and in the 10 years since, I see they have been continuing to expand. Heron has always been a small business owned by a Davis local family, which was nice because nowadays it's really hard to find stores like this because the big businesses (Fry's, Best Buy) tend to put these places out of business. I think that was always the best part of Davis at the time; that everything was local and had that small town charm (okay, except for that In N Out right by the freeway!). It's nice to see individual businesses surviving. I know that whenever I wanted computer parts, I would much rather come to Heron and let them know what I needed than go to Fry's; Fry's is great for selection but 9 out of 10 items are open boxes that may or may not work, and their customer service is a nightmare. Because Heron is a smaller store, you're able to get more one on one service right from the moment you walk into the store. You may pay a little more for the same items, but you get quality and service. Just like a restaurant...if you pay $20 for a meal, what kind of service do you expect? If you pay $200 for a meal, do you expect the same service, or do you expect better? Heron gives excellent service, and if you feel like you aren't getting service, you can speak directly to the owner and let him know your concerns. I don't know about you, but I don't think the owner of a Best Buy or Fry's has ever come out to assist with my customer service problem. Heck, I don't even think the owners are on site at those stores at all. —VictoriaD.

2010-07-24 08:38:44   These guys were great! They had my computer for a couple of days and were giving me status updates a couple times a day and their fee was more than fair. I would use them again in a heartbeat! —KimberlyRobben

2010-07-26 13:44:21   Davis Computers provided good service for me when repairing my ancient laptop. I paid one fee even though I brought it in several times because it was behaving unpredictably. They gave me practical advice and a proper amount of attention. I'll agree with other comments that their in store products are a little pricey, but for a local computer repair I recommend them. —HeatherRauch

2010-08-02 17:40:08   Just wanted to say what a great business this is! Mike and his tech repair crew are top-notch, good honest local folks offering friendly, personalized service. They completely recovered my crashed laptop hard drive a few months ago, and saved all my files, music and photos — all for a fair and reasonable price. Fast turn around too! I tell all my friends to come here if they suffer any computer woes. Thanks again, guys... —JohnKarolewski

2010-08-31 06:59:26   I've been going to Heron for years.... now Davis Computer. Last month i took my failing laptop in desperate and cash poor. They fixed it in a day and for the minimum cost. They could have sold me all sorts of other "solutions" but instead just took it apart, cleaned it (which it desperately needed) and sent me on my way for under $100. Their integrity was impressive and GREATLY appreciated. —larawestergaard

2010-09-16 22:32:14   Dropped off a "Late 2006" iMac to have the disk drive replaced. These require a little surgery. Technically I am able to do this myself but it was more cost effective to drop this off and continue consulting at my hourly rate. It saved me a trip to Fry's and I'm sure they have the tools and space to get the job done more quickly than I. The guys seem pretty nice. Had a fun conversation that spanned everything from Macs v. PCs, Droids, iPhones, iPhone apps, and comics with the fella that took the order (so it can be nerd friendly). The place (including the parking lot) is very neat and professional. They turned it around in less than 2 days. I was mildly disappointed that I had to call to find out it was ready but then I checked my invoice and he charged me the "Scheduled Service" rate for 3-5 days. I was also pleased that it wasn't a PC-only shop. —KennyKoller

2010-10-29 11:10:50   I am really pleased with Davis Computer Store's customer service and products. They built our new computer system and have provided numerous service calls to our home and business. I appreciate the quick response and professional service they always provide. I find that they are people-friendly, generous and thorough in ensuring all things are in working order. —KateSedillo

2011-07-25 09:42:25   Wow! Thanks you guys for recovering all my info from my mini G drive and putting it in another drive for me. Saved my so much $$ Thanks again! —MatthewJFisher

2013-01-16 12:06:46   i recently had an occasion to seek the expertise of Davis Computer. The problem was an unusual problem where no easy fix or replacement part fixable. So what ended up as the repair was a comglomoration of fittings, extenders, couplers, and spacers. I had the problem of a broken heat sink "securing mount" which is not an easy repair due to mounting particulars with embedded anchoring nuts built into the pc board. There was not a replacement alternative... even tho they carry a wide variety of replacement and adjustable adapting heat sinks. The issue was due to the pc boards configuratiion for the mounting. Kahn the propriator of Davis Computer spent almost 45 minutes and probably 10-12 dollars in parts... but as he had an excellent parts source that he was able to piece together exactly what was needed to remedy the problem with a nice blow out with air at the outset. I must tell you that since this odd and ingenious fix my system has ran faster and so, so much quieter. The cooling fan atop the heat sink used to amp up on revs due to cleaning needed and completed in the service provided that day. For all labor, parts, blowout,etc. he only charged me a total of $20.00 which i was amazed and delighted to pay. My system is up and running better than ever. I would rate his work and knowledge along with his ingenuity a solid 10+. i found his demeanor and professionalism to be above what i typically find in the service world. G.C. Davis, Ca. 95616 G.C. —garycamp

2013-06-10 13:09:44   You'd think a computer company would be competent to update its website, but no. Apparently it's too much trouble to put their current hours on their website and paperwork. This caused me great grief when I was unable to pick up my laptop on Saturday and had to leave town without it. The only helpful tip the clerk could give me was "our hours are posted on the door." That doesn't help when you have driven over on Saturday with every reason to believe they are open. This is pretty typical of their techno-geek attitude toward customer service. They may know a lot but they don't communicate well. I have patronized this overpriced unresponsive business for years because it was the only game in town, but this is the last time they will disappoint me. —LizKing

2014-01-11 21:52:40   Total Khan artist! Fast talking, even admits to lying, blames you for his not keeping his commitment. Does not have the slightest idea what he's talking about. You can be sure that "Victoria D," above, is really Khan, the owner. Rip off, big time! Told me not to trust the one who finally DID fix for almost nothing, while Khan failed on every front and left me worse off than before I brought the computer in. Way worse off. I am lucky he didn't lose too much of my data. Kept the computer for hours and never helped me. Other online service, Norton, fixed it for $100, while Khan ripped me off for $450 and wouldn't reimburse me. I'm ashamed to have had anything to do with this Khan artist. If I hadn't been desperate, I wouldn't have been taken in. The guy is ruthless. Says he's studying Law. Yep, to be an even bigger shark!

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