Davis Criterium Classic

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criterium_05.jpgThe Criterium on July 4, 2005.

A [wikipedia]criterium, known among racers as a "crit", is the bicycling equivalent of the Indy 500: fast, exciting, and somewhat dangerous to contestants and spectators. The race course is a very short, tight closed circuit track around downtown streets and sometimes even around a single building such as a church. Racers can travel at speeds exceeding 30 mph. Crits are popular because of the speed, danger, and technical skill required to make tight, high speed turns and position shifts within a pack.

The Davis Criterium Classic, sponsored by the Davis Bike Club ([WWW]website), is always held on the 4th of July in downtown Davis. The course is a 0.7-mile L-shaped loop in downtown Davis, a flat course on moderate pavement with five 90-degree left turns and one 90-degree right turn. This single right turn increases the technical difficulty of the course.

See Bicycling Activities and Clubs for other bike-related events.



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dlp_criterium_01.jpgphoto by David Phillips dlp_criterium_02.jpgphoto by David Phillips

dlp_criterium_03.jpgphoto by David Phillips

dlp_criterium_04.jpgphoto by David Phillips dlp_criterium_05.jpgphoto by David Phillips dlp_criterium_06.jpgphoto by David Phillips

dlp_criterium_07.jpgphoto by David Phillips

dlp_criterium_08.jpgphoto by David Phillips dlp_criterium_09.jpgphoto by David Phillips dlp_criterium_10.jpgphoto by David Phillips


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2008-07-04 10:45:46   I'm watching it right now...this is intense. —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-07-04 15:13:06   downtown looked great without any cars —MischaGushiken

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