Davis Dance Revolution


ddr2012.jpg Davis Dance Revolution is an annual event held every Spring quarter at the end the Picnic Day events. DDR is a dance competition in which student dance groups compete for a $1000 prize! Any dance group may apply to perform at DDR, though not all will get in. The contest is split into two categories, "Modern" and "Traditional," with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner for each category. For example, groups like MK Modern and Mobility compete in the modern category, while groups like Na Keiki O Hawaii and FILAH Tinikiling are part of the traditional acts. To keep the interest up the acts are shuffled based on whether they are modern or traditional so that similar acts, or acts of the same style are not back to back.

So is this PA and freestyle? Can we get some definition of Modern and Traditional Daubert

DDR 2012







DDR 2012 Champions: FILAH Tinikling & MK MODERN


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