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The Davis Empowerment & Community Organization (or Davis ECO) is the organization that runs the Davis Dollars community currency, as well as other current and planned projects. Its mission is to strengthen the community and local economy, and empower individuals.

This is not the Davis Empowerment Project, an initiative to help train and employ members of the Davis homeless population.

    1. Projects
      1. Service Swap bulletin boards
      2. Training in Managing Interns
      3. Crop/Seed Swap
      4. Community Group Incubator
      5. Potential projects
    2. Get Involved
      1. Intern with Davis ECO
      2. Get trained in intern management


Service Swap bulletin boards

One of the main attractions at the Davis Dollars farmers market table is the services bulletin board, where anyone can post services they offer or want. Davis ECO is now working to maintain a number of service boards elsewhere in the community to encourage people to help each other and get to know each other better.

Planned locations:

Considered locations:

Training in Managing Interns

Davis ECO provides training in how to manage interns. Once the community group incubator is fully functional, it will offer training to nearly any group that meets the incubator guidelines (yet to be written). For the moment, however, Davis ECO only offers this service to organizations whose missions support Davis ECO's mission (strengthening the community and local economy, and empowering individuals).

When a project leader approaches Davis ECO for intern training, typically Davis ECO will help in the following ways:

Crop/Seed Swap

In partnership with the EC Gardens, Davis ECO will be coordinating a crop/seed swap, probably to begin in Spring, 2011. People can bring vegetables and/or seeds to share, and take home vegetables and seeds from other people. This will be modeled partly on the very successful crop swap in Sacramento's Oak Park neighborhood.

Community Group Incubator

Davis ECO has begun work on its community group incubator. Like [wikipedia]business incubators, the community group incubator will accelerate the successful development of community groups through an array of organizational support resources and services, developed and orchestrated by incubator management and offered both in the incubator and through its network of contacts.

Davis ECO envisions providing the following resources to community groups:

The incubator will be supported in part by fees from participating groups, and in part by donations and grants.

Some wording adapted from [wikipedia]Wikipedia.

Potential projects

These are projects Davis ECO plans to begin at some point (some of which will be rolled naturally into the community group incubator once the incubator is fully functional):

Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved with Davis ECO. For any of these, contact Davis ECO for more information.

Davis ECO welcomes volunteers with any of its ongoing projects, and on many of its potential future projects.

Intern with Davis ECO

Davis ECO offers internships in a variety of fields:

Davis ECO has offered internships to over 65 interns since 2009.

Get trained in intern management

To kickstart your own community project, contact Davis ECO for help managing interns.


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