Davis Fencing Academy

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2121 Second St. Suite C-103
Monday-Thursday 3PM-9PM
Saturday 9AM-1PM

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Davis Fencing Academy is designed to accommodate fencers of all ages, and abilities. The club has 5 fencing strips (3 grounded), two coaching strips, and several coaches with many years of experience.


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2007-07-28 17:40:01   I'm a causal epee fencer. Just moved to Davis. Here's what I found out.

In general we have open fencing whenever group or footwork classes are
not using the floor. This means that any time not mon-thurs 4-6pm or
monday and thursday 6:30-7:00PM is open for fencing. In general, however
we tend to have the most open fencing starting at about 7PM on mondays,
6PM on wed and 7PM on thursdays and going until about 8-10. Right now
UCD fencing club is sharing space with us on monday and wednesday
evenings and they are bringing about 4-8 epeeists.

The good nights for Epee are Mondays from 8-10, Wednesdays from 8-10 and
Thursdays from 6-9. —atwong

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