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These are reviews of Davis Food Co-op from 2008. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2008-02-23 15:35:37   The number of health violations the co-op makes is disgusting. —NicoleBush

2008-02-23 16:19:54   Nicole, if you're going to make a claim like that you might as well back it up with some real examples and evidence. I'm not aware of any health codes being broken at the Co-op so you're not going to convince me by just telling me. —JasonDunne

2008-02-24 16:44:54   I'm talking about all the violations they make at the deli. Here's the link at the [WWW]Yolo County Health Department. Current as of January.


2008-03-09 18:54:02   Here's the Inspection Update information copied directly from the Yolo County Health Inspection website:

"The Co-op got a RED violation during a YCHI investigation instigated on January 16, 2008 as a result of a complaint about:


Inspections are based on regulations that are designed to eliminate risk factors for food borne disease.
Every violation of these regulations is color-coded indicating the degree of risk in causing a foodborne illness.
RED Violations: These are critical violations that pose an imminent risk to public health and may warrant immediate closure of the food establishment or immediate correction."


2008-03-07 02:01:32   The Co-Op has a great beer selection and they sell singles as reasonable prices (perfect for trying out new brews). I only shop at the Co-op for beer and bulk food/spices- everything else is overpriced. Their staff is also very friendly. —ScottStanley

2008-03-10 19:47:55   Re: "* FD30: HOUSEKEEPING AND CONSTRUCTION – MINOR A small section of flooring next to the meat case was de-laminated. The floor was repaired."
Hm, well, anybody walking in the G Street side front door of the Co-op might tend to notice the "de-linoleumed" stained concrete floor extending from the door inward for hundreds of square feet.
"Unrepaired" for months now.

2008-03-14 21:01:49   Wonderful staff!!! —ClaireB

2008-05-08 21:09:38   So I go to get dinner and I saw the most offensive sign ever on this car. It says, "Professional Abortionist: A Cut Above the Rest." Even I was offended. Then I realized it said "arborist," but I am so unfamiliar with the term "arborist" that I thought it said abortionist. That explains why it had the little symbol of a tree by it. Public education failed me. :-( —Casey

2008-05-18 00:36:11   A real godsend. I mean, they have 5 kinds of Ezekiel bread! Some people may find the food to be a little pricey, but it's actually cheaper for students to go there than the Farmer's Market every Saturday, where they tend to overcharge a bit (so I remember. I may be wrong, but I just remember noticing that it was a bit cheaper than buying the flavored Santa Fe tortillas at the co-op). —eda

2008-05-24 21:38:10   Whether or Not to Create a West Davis Store & "What Our Sustainable Vision Statement Should Encompass":

so-called - "Progressive Movement" - the Berkeley/West L.A./Wine Country White Middle Class, Intelligentsia, Coffeehouse Radical types. I do not make these comments pejoratively, but am just raising the issue for exploration.



2008-05-27 14:05:23   Good grief. I can't believe I just wasted 15 minutes reading that drivel. btw, it's "insectary," not "insectiary." —NotSure

2008-05-31 14:51:00   "As a general practice, I am not willing to give critics of any practice or policy a platform to speak at the annual meeting." - Darius Pazirandeh, President, Davis Food Co-op. June 2008 Co-op Newsletter, page 11. —aharjala

2008-06-08 03:59:13   Is This a Moderated or Unmoderated Forum? "Flame Bait" was posted by Online Troll - In response to my 5/27/08 post. On 5/28/08 "Not Sure" posted what appears to be a rather snotty "Flame Bait" remark which violates Netiquette and basic civility. Instead of addressing issues he could constructively criticize regarding valid issues I addressed in my post, he just posted a rude response and in a very petty manner, bashed me for a tiny spelling error. If there is a Moderator on this forum, can a warning be issued to "Not Sure"? His kind of hyperbole is neither helpful, nor indicative of the principles of the international cooperative movement. When "Flame Wars" and "Flame Bait" are posted, it discourages other people from posting - instead they just "lurk" and read posts, but don't participate in the forum with posts of their own. I've been online for 7 years. I've noticed just one bad apple "Online Troll" can destroy an entire forum and drive members off the board. I am brand new to the forum - so I'd appreciate intervention from the forum Moderator. If this is an Unmoderated Forum, I need to know.

Thanks so much! Grailmaiden

Below is "Not Sure" post:

2008-05-27 14:05:23 Good grief. I can't believe I just wasted 15 minutes reading that drivel. btw, it's "insectary," not "insectiary." —NotSure —grailmaiden

2008-06-08 15:39:21   Unmoderated. "Everyone can edit this website!" —DonShor

2008-07-05 19:18:40   If you like overpriced food this is the place for you. If someone builds a walmart nearby, this place will be shut down in weeks. —JimBob

2008-07-07 16:19:31   "Of COURSE someone called JimBob is inaccurate & negative! DougWalter" (Because we can tell everything by a fake name — this is a satiric comment, not an elitist one. Or is the use of satire prima facie evidence of elitism?)

"How inaccurate: in most parts of North America, Dixon would be called nearby (if not "freeway-close") and the "Supercenter" has been open there for years. —DougWalter"

It is this elitist attitude, along with the Co-op's always high prices all of the time (and always decreasing selection of food at the expense of high-end knick knacks) that is turning many people away from the Co-op. If there were another grocery store within walking distance of downtown, I would rarely have a reason to have to deal with going to the Co-op. If the powers-that-be at the Co-op would set aside their holier-than-thou self-righteousness for a second and listen to people like JimBob, they might realize that the Co-op only continues to survive becasue it is the only grocery store not on the edge of town. The Co-op would have a hard time surviving if it actually had competition for the center-city market. Between the high prices, the increasingly scant selection of food in comparison to knick knacks, and the elitist attitude- the Co-op would not last very long if folks had another place to buy their groceries near downtown.

[2008-07-08 21:27:01  —Since the extensive remodel began, the prices have risen through the roof for many staples. Also the patronage payments to members have disappeared. Did the Co-op negotiate the best possible financing for the remodel? WilyFerret

2008-07-10 12:28:01   I've pointed out ways that the Co-op fails in these comments, so it is only fair that I point out ways that it succeeds. It continues to have the best selection and prices for milk and yogurt in town. The beer and wine selection is above average as well. The folks who work at the meat counter are friendly, efficient, and knowledgable - and they make darn good sausage. —aharjala

Actually, unless I'm very much mistaken, the Nugget also makes their own sausages. I can't comment on the quality of the Coop's sausages, but Nugget always has good ones with all manner of flavors. - JoePomidor

2008-07-15 11:52:08   Wide variety of unusual foods. Nice place to visit, at least once, to at least know what is there. However, I will continue to shop at more mainstream markets like Nugget! —slt

2008-07-29 01:35:51   My main issue with the coop is the service at the deli. Mostly they ignore me stand around twiddle their thumbs serving all the employees first so they can get on their breaks quicker. I go on my lunch breaks to get something to eat so I don't have time for them to ignore me just because I am not wearing some hippy clothing or tatted up (who knows why they don't want to help anyone), not that this issue should even matter to them I am a paying customer so help the customers. I mean it isn't called customer service for no reason at all. —csmith

2008-08-16 15:04:49   The Co-op is a asset to Davis. Having fresh, local & organic food at our doorstep is fantastic. I love the HABA section and have had nothing but wonderful customer service there. The deli is hit or miss with being helpful & fast. Brad, a checker is my daughters favorite & he is so sweet to her. We love the kids coloring station and always enjoy shopping here. —jwendt

2008-08-29 22:46:51   I must say that I love the food here, especially in the bakery. The produce is also excellent, and I don't have to worry about pesticides here, which is nice. I don't know about the experiences related below but I have never had a problem with employees or volunteers (though I don't spend much time in the deli). The one exception to this is the night manager, Yolanda. She loves going on power trips - my most recent run in came as I was trying to buy one pack of tortillas right at closing time and she quite rudely showed me the door. A little respect would have been nice. Oh well, there's always a few bad apples in even the nicest apple barrel. —rrignacio

2008-09-06 07:36:32   The coop has the BEST produce department. Yesterday I picked up some fresh black eyed peas (still in the pod), they've had peppers de padron for a lot of the summer, and while I don't know if I'm ready to try it quite yet they even have that corn fungus that's used in some Mexican dishes.

They do need to start ordering more Urban Detox drinks because they're always out, but doing without is a price I'm willing to pay! —AmandaGarrison

2008-09-07 17:42:59   Does the Co-op sell multivitamins and other supplements? —pvalencia

2008-09-22 10:31:49   The Food Co-op does sell Braun coffee grinders, just below the Caffe Ibis fair trade roasted beans & just above the Newman's Own Organic prunes. Sorry I misinformed someone on the phone! —DougWalter

2008-11-21 20:43:15   I mainly go the coop to get bread, pasta, fair trade bananas, and "ethical" meat. Their selection of bread is huge and contains many local CA brands. Their bread section also contains local Indian naans and tortillas. They have a wide variety of dried pasta but I mainly go for the fresh pasta. I think fresh pasta tastes so much better and cooks a lot faster than dried pastas. The co op is the only grocery store in Davis that I know of that sells fair trade bananas. The coop's meat section contains a lot of meat that advertises itself as humane and non chemicals but costs a lot more than industrial livestock. If you don't believe in local and organic produce, you are not going to like the coop because the coop attracts a lot of the slow food movement types (which is kind of an elitist movement). —justinhu

2008-11-24 17:23:20   Anyone else bothered by how ridiculously cold it has been inside of the co-op lately? I am about to go down there and I will be wearing two jackets. —Chantal

2008-11-25 20:22:57   The only place in town that sells cavatappi pasta, though its the mini kind...wtf? Is Davis anti-cavatappi? And why only the mini kind? I want the standard sized cavatappi!!! —SunjeetBaadkar

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