Davis Holistic Health Center

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1403 5th Street in Suite B
Mon-Wed 9am-5pm
Thu 2:30pm-5pm
Fri 9am-5pm


Davis Holistic Health Center offers a wide variety of alternative medical services under one roof. Recently moved to 1403 5th Street, the Davis Holistic Health Center has been in Davis since 1992 offering quality service for Davis and the surrounding communities of Sacramento, Vacaville, Dixon, Winters and Fairfield.

"Whether you are looking for acupuncture, massage, counseling, or meditation and yoga classes, our practitioners and teachers bring years of experience to helping you regain health and wholeness."

Services offered through Davis Holistic Health Center include

Many of the Asian Classics Institute classes are taught here.


Brian Dempsey, L.Ac, is the acupuncturist and herbalist for the Davis Holistic Health Center and is the founder and owner of the Davis Holistic Health Center. He has practiced acupuncture and herbal medicine for the past 18 years. After graduating from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Cheng Du College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dempsey began practice in Davis as director and practitioner of the Davis Holistic Health Center in 1993. Brian is also a founding member of the Sutter Center for Integrative Health and teaches as an adjunct teacher at the Davis Medical School. He has taught hatha yoga since 1979.

Brian treats a variety of health problems including pain conditions such as muscle strain, sciatic, bursitis, numbness and tingling symptoms and shooting pain. He also treats migraine and tension headaches, neck tension, whiplash and low back pain. Brian also follows the NIH protocols on acupuncture treatments for arthritis, including degenerative disc disease to assist patients with pain due to this condition.

In addition to pain conditions, Brian also treats fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Irritable bowel, chrones, gastritis and other common GI conditions. He is also completing a book on natural treatments for the common cold including chronic conditions such as a low immune system, chronic cough and chronic allergies. Brian also has experience in weight loss, hormonal problems such as PMS and menopause, liver disorders such as Hepitis or portal hypertension and insomnia. Many of Brian’s patients have insurance that covers acupuncture treatment.
For an appointment, call 530-758-7525.


Tom Richards is a Certified Rolfer and Movement Practitioner. Rolfing (aka Structural Integration) is a type of body manipulation that addresses recent and lifelong patterns of strain in the body and its connective tissues. Postural balance and functional use is restored through hands-on bodywork and gentle exercises.
For an appointment call (510)759-2047

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