Davis Home Trends

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2300 Fifth Street
Monday through Saturday 9 am - 6 pm
<info AT davishometrends DOT com>

Davis Home Trends sells spas and pools as well as home-related items, including:

It used to operate under the name "Chris' Fuller Paints" and was located at the G Street Shopping Center, and sold a wide variety of art supplies.


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2009-08-04 17:28:00   I have used Davis Home Trends twice and have had perfect service and the quality was top notch. I decided to go with them because of a recommendation from a neighbor (their blinds and shades were beautiful as well. We had remodeled the upstairs and went with Budget Blinds and although the owner was very nice, the quality and service were subpar. I still regret doing that and can really say you get what you pay for.... —LokiAbbi

2010-11-06 12:04:35   Davis Home Trends is owned by the sweetest people ever. They have pool supplies, blinds, paint, spas, and even pools! The store is beautiful and the staff is so kind and friendly. This store definitely represents the fine Davis hospitality that every student and resident of Davis should support! Patty, Ralph, Paula, Todd, & Steve are all so friendly and will definitely provide the service you require! —zachsomers

2012-11-09 16:14:54   This is a great store. I went in today to replace a valance and Don made one for me, for free. Great customer service. Thanks. —DonnieDarko

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