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    1. San Jose Buddhist - Feb. 2010
    2. Albany Invitation Oct 2006
    3. East Bay Invitational Sept 2006
    4. Yota Tsuge of NAIST visit
    5. San Jose Buddhist Tournament February 2006
    6. The City College of SF Tournament December 2005

General Info

UC DAVIS 高潔なる勇士の家

The Davis Judo Team is a competitive UC Davis Sports Club. No prior experience is required to join. The will learn all the basics of Kodokan Judo which includes falling, ground fighting, throws, chokes and armbars. The team competes at most local judo tournaments and has a goal of winning Collegiate National Championships. The team placed 2nd in the nation at the 2009 Collegiate National Championships held in San Jose, California. The team attends joint workouts with other university teams and sponsors a university team tournament once a year. Many of it's members are exchange students who were formidable competitors in their home countries. If you are willing to invest the time and effort to be a competitor this is the class for you!

The Davis Judo Team meets at the Activities and Recreation Center on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 PM to 10:00PM and on Saturday morning from 8:00 to 10:00AM.

About Us

TEAM2011.jpgThe Few, the Proud, the UC Davis Judo Team Senpai

judoclub13.JPGThe lean, mean, (and current) killing machine UC Davis Judo Team We are a group of Judo enthusiast people. Most of us are students from UC Davis. Beside having fun, practicing Judo enhances your stamina, strength, and coordination (like a dance). Our official practice times are above. Anyone who is interested is welcome to check it out. To prepare for the workout, judokas should try to drink more water during the day and get well hydrated before class time. Although we have water breaks (a.k.a. Huynh breaks as of 2005-12-20 02:15:31) during class, lots of drinking during class is not recommended.
If you get bored in between practices like Tony did, Sensei HarryvKendall recommends that you do push-ups, and push-ups, and more push-ups. And if you are still bored, try the switches and hops. Push ups give you upper body strength for the grip fight. Switches enhance those hip motions for setting up the throws and the mat fights. Finally, doing hops gives you greater stamina and quicker hip movements.
legendsofjudo.JPGThe Legends of Judo

THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE UC DAVIS JUDO CLUB IS [WWW]http://sportclubs.ucdavis.edu/judo/


As of April 2006, we are officially the UC Davis Judo Club. Our constitution is as follow [WWW]UCD Judo Club Constitution.


Current Members

Click on the member name to see his/her stat. Click on the image to see the enlarged picture.

Sensei1.jpgHarry Kendall Sensei KaiKendall.JPGKai Kendall DeryaOzes.jpgDerya Ozes a.k.a MONGOL TaishiMoriyama.JPGTaishi Moriyama - Visiting Competitor IbukiOkawa.JPGIbuki Okawa a.k.a. GIANT SLAYER - Visiting Competitor ShinichiroNakano.JPGShin-ichiro Nakano - Visiting Competitor

MatthewFavetti1.JPGMatthew Favetti a.k.a. Grim Reaper

AlexChebotarev2.JPGAlex Chebotarev a.k.a. COOL HAND LUKE AdrienDurandPetiteville.JPGAdrien Petiteville a.k.a BOO BOO TravisMcIntyre.JPGTravis McIntyre a.k.a POLAR BEAR

AnthonyBatarse1.JPGAnthony Batarse a.k.a. Sinbad

kevinYoo5.JPGKevin Yoo a.k.a. POOH BEAR RenaeLewis1.JPGRenae Lewis HidekiIkeda.JPGHideki Ikeda - Visiting Competitor

JennaSchurr4.JPGJenna Schurr a.k.a. GUMBY

GregMarkman1.JPGGreg Markman JackKelly1.jpgJack Kelly a.k.a. HOBBIT MichaelOwens1.JPGMichael Owens a.k.a. SHAOLIN EvanWong.JPGEvan Wong a.k.a. BUZZ LIGHTYEAR

YutaShiraki1.JPGYuta Shiraki

AlexaHong.JPGAlexa Hong a.k.a. Mighty Mouse NigelRobinson1.JPGNigel Robinson ChaeWoongLim.JPGChae Woong Lim a.k.a. CRAZY YOUNG MAN

ShinsujeKoeda.JPGShinsuke Koeda a.k.a. THE COLONEL

PrithanjanBhattacharya.JPGPrithanjan Bhattacharya LeticiaMagana.JPGLeticia Magana KeithWong.JPGKeith Wong SamarSyed.JPGSamar Syed a.k.a. MOMMA JUDO

JosephValdes.JPGJoseph Valdes a.k.a. THE BEAST

GrantRose.JPGGrant Rose GraydonGriffin.JPGGraydon Griffin DarrionYang.JPGDarrion Yang RuiMa.JPGRui Ma KelseaNelson.JPGKelsea Nelson

Members Of Special Recognition

Kevin1.JPGKevin Nii

There was once a founding member of the UC Davis Judo Club named Kevin Akio QuanHe Nii. He has graduated now and move on to other pursuits but his legacy lives on. Kevin was a quiet man who had strong opinions and beliefs but kept them to himself. He wasn't the most gifted athlete but was the hard worker who showed at every class, no matter how much in pain. Over the years Kevin achieved a level of performance few would have perceived him capable because of his dedication and determination. I watched Kevin every class and many times marveled at his tenacity. Kevin was the president of the UC Davis Sports Club for two years. We usually have a president serve for only one year but because of the lack of qualified people to lead the club I asked Kevin to do it another year. True to his nature, even though he had many other obligations, Kevin agreed to another year. If it were not for the sacrifice and dedication of Kevin this club would not be what it is today.
Every quarter I will identify the person who best embodies the spirit and determination of Kevin Akio Quan Nii. There will be silent benefits bestowed.

The first award was difficult because of so many qualified candidates. Derya Ozes with her silent determination and will to succeed. Travis McIntyre with his never say give approach and his quiet pursuit of perfection. Abel Hernandez with his quiet progress to perfection. But one stands out more than all others. He does no win very often but is always willing to fight the toughest of them all. He takes fall after fall and never complains but returns with his silent dignity and demands another round regardless of the outcome.

Michael Owens is the first winner of the Kevin Akio Quan Nii Award of Silent Dignity. The dignity and Bushido he displays cannot go unnoticed.

I am honored to know you.

December, 2011 - Tiff Ho is the recipient of the Kevin Akio Quan Nii Award of Silent Dignity. It was not an easy path to first place at the CCSF tournament this year. Tiff never missed a class whether sick or healthy and worked hard always. Not the most gifted athlete on the mat, Tiff always made it up in hard work and grit. UCD is a better team because of her.

roccolucero2.jpgRocco Lucero

In the summer of 2006, I was invited to Davis to consider beginning a judo program. I asked the ARC to allowed me to have a summer program before making a decision. Considering the non urban, uncosmopolitan environment of Davis I was concerned with the type of student I would find here. That first class resolved all the issues. The room was overflowing with people and the quality of athlete was impressive. Towards the end of class, myself and three others I had brought with me lined up and offered to do randori with any takers. All was going fine, you now know what fighting a beginner is like, until this rock looking kid stepped up. We bowed and he immediately stepped in, picked me up and slammed me to the mats. I got up smiling that I'm going to kill you smile and proceeded to dismember him but noticed the quality of movement and natural strength. Rocco went on in the years that followed to be the smoothest, prettiest thrower in the dojo; arguably in the country. This award is named after Rocco Lucero; the man of silk.

There are many in the club who have impressive technique. Calvin Diep and his O guruma and Osoto gari. Kevin Yoo with his Ippon Seonage and Seoi Otoshi. Derya and her Kouchi gari. But one person stands out for his beginning mastery of the art. Travis McIntyre had to switch from right hand to left because of an injured knee. He has developed a Harai goshi that has earned him a Directorship in the Redemption Through Harai goshi club. And his other techniques are almost equally as impressive. From a skinny, sagging, binge drinking crack addict to the honorable, powerful man's man he now is; Travis McIntyre, a.k.a. Polar Bear (or butt cheeks if you catch him sagging) is the winner of the Rocco Lucero Best Technique Award.

December, 2011 - Matthew Favetti is the recipient of the Rocco Lucero Best Technique Award. Matt has become popular around the tournament circuit for his left side Osoto Gari, tomoe-nage and De-ashi Bari. Matt works hard to develop his techniques unlike the original man of silk who was just born to do judo but the end result is the same; beauty and power. UCD is a better team because of him.

livinglegend.JPG[Derya Ozes]

Three years ago, a very unusual and intense girl of 19 walked into the dojo to give judo a try. She left without showing much interest but returned days later. While running backwards I stumbled on her feet so I stopped the class and lectured her on moving out of the way and looking out for others. We began running again and I again ran up on her feet but this time tripped and broke my foot. As I yelled and ranted at her I thought for certain she would leave and never return. The next class, she came into the back room, where I was wrapping my foot and quietly apologized for not moving. Through my anger I could see tears forming in her eyes. She asked if I would allow her to take the class again and I croaked out a yes: something in the look in her eyes was so demanding i had no choice. She left the room more distant than when she entered and over the following weeks became more reclusive than before.
One night we decided to have tournament competitions and all the women of the dojo swore they would drive out the reclusive one. When I called for women in the center the strange girl quickly volunteered and ran to the center of the mat. Everyone was startled and challengers quickly ran to the center to be the first to fight and defeat her. I, too, thought she would be defeated and never return. Upon yelling hijame, they both grasped gis and the other girl attached with osoto gari. The strange one stopped the attack in the last moment before success, and with a loud grunt, aaaarrrggggggg, she turned the momentum and threw the other girl with the force of a black belt. The strange one looked me in the eyes with the force of a bull and quickly scanned the room for other opponents. It was then, that I saw, for the first time, the warrior she was to become.
This strange girl would time and again win first place in every tournament. White, green and then brown belt. Opponents grew so fearsome of her, they would cry when they saw her name on their pool sheets. I personally witnessed opponents approach her after the tournaments and declare she was the strongest person they had ever met. In 2008, while planning for Collegiate Nationals in Wisconsin, the strange one approached me and declared, "I have no money to go but will do fund raising to pay my way." No one had ever done a successful fundraising for the UC Davis Judo team. The strange one came back after a few days and gave me the name and number of a person at the games center at the MU. I called and discovered we were given the first ever games center fundraiser in which all games were free and we paid the first $1, 200 dollars to the house and kept the rest. We raised over $1,600 dollars in one night and were on our way to Nationals. I was approached by the strange one and in a whisper she stated that the cost of a blue gi was too much for her budget and would I be willing to purchase it from the funds we made from the fundraiser. I was humiliated that she had to ask. I immediately gave the funds for the blue gi and for the first time saw a smile indicating the strange one was not strange at all. I had just failed to see what judo meant to her. What the UC Davis team represented to her life.
We didn't get to go to Nationals that year , for many sordid reasons, but the lessons were not lost.
And then, that fateful day in March of 2009, in San Jose, at Collegiate National Championships. After surveying the field of contestants I didn't think she stood a chance. But after so many tournaments I knew to not doubt her. She walked by me and stated, unequivocally, "this shit is mine" and stomped off to glare and stretch. I sat on the side of the mat for her last fight and watched the bruiser walk to the center. Derya stomped out like she owned the place. A quick Hijame and Derya ran across the mat and slammed her down. No score. After going out of bounds, she did it again and again no score. I'm raving mad but more shocked that none of the referees protest. Again they stand them up and Derya quickly steps in again and slams her opponent to the mat. "Ippon" the referee finally yells. Derya Ozes, in the span of two years, becomes Collegiate National Champion.

Derya Ozes has become the spiritual leader of our team for many reasons. It is with a heavy heart that we wish her well in her new adventures in life that require her to return to her homeland of Turkey. This award is in honor of her accomplishments in the short time we have known her. For her fierce desire to be the best, her work ethic unmatched by any and her fearless pursuit of victory, the first Derya Ozes Living Legend Award has been awarded to Derya Ozes. How appropriate Derya is the first recipient of an award bearing her name.

TaishiGi.jpg[Taishi Gi] taishi.jpg[Taishi Moriyama]

"Is this judo" was the question that stopped me dead in my conversation that late evening in June, 2011. i looked up to see a smiling kid with a gi under his arm and smiled broadly because I knew he was our new summer high ranking Judo student from another land. "Shodan?" i responded, anxious to know how lucky we were. "Sandan" he shouted with a wider smile that made my heart skip a beat. So began the powerful story of Taishi Moriyama with the UC Davis Judo Club. There was an immediate impact on the training habits of the club. Between drills, when everyone else was catching their breath, Taishi would either run in place, lifting his knees high into the air, or squat as low as possible, holding his weight as if suspended from the ceiling. Or, he would often do double of everything by doing his set of exercises and then do them again when it was his partners turn. Soon, all who could were imitating Taishi and all who couldn't tried.

Taishi refused to tap and expected everyone to fight equally as hard. What a new strong spirit he brought to the club.
At his going away party, Taishi announced he would be leaving his gi and his special obi with the UC Davis team ( a bar he and other judoka use to frequent in Japan was a favorite of the local Yakuza. They liked the Judo people and would often challenge them to fights. His obi was a present from the Yakuza and when you get the chance to see it you'll appreciate the quality of the gift he has left us).

After each tournament, someone maybe awarded the Ultimate Warrior title. They will be presented with the Taishi Moriyama gi for safe keeping.

January, 2012
Walter Lam has informed the club that due to his impending graduation this spring, this will be his last quarter training. We are struggling to imagine a UCD Judo club class without Walter Lam. He has been a permanent figure in the club for three years and in that time has gone from a skinny kid afraid of the dark to one of the fiercest fighters this club has ever known. Every tournament Walter walks onto the mat and faces the best and win or lose, he returned to the dojo and continued training for the next fight. No matter what happened, we knew the sun was going to rise, birds were going to fly and Walter was going to be at class. Due to the transient nature of our time here four to five years is the most we get to spend with each other. Walter has taken advantage of his time with us and we recognize his achievement in awarding him the gi of Taishi Moriyama and the title of ULTIMATE WARRIOR.
ultwarr.jpg[Ultimate Warrior] May, 2013
ultwarr1.JPG[Ultimate Warrior]


MinhHuynh.jpg"SAGE" Minh Huynh

YotaTsuge.jpgYota Tsuge - Visiting Instructor JinYamada1.JPGJin Yamada

Past Members

Click on the member name to see his/her stat. Click on the image to see the enlarged picture.
NaokiImamura.jpgNaoki Imamura - Visiting Competitor LawrenceYanogaijo.jpgLawrence Yanogaijo TonyAlcutt.jpgTony Alcutt - Assistant Coach RomanKazantsev.jpgRoman Kazantsev DarainThomas.jpgDarain Thomas - Assistant Coach AmyAnderson.JPGAmy Anderson AlanKim.jpgAlan Kim a.k.a SAMSON JayKim.JPGJay Kim VincentHua.JPGVincent Hua

MeganCox.JPGMegan Cox

MeredithBruch.JPGMeredith Bruch a.k.a. SQUEAKY LoumanCheung.jpgLouman Cheung MatthewRathbun.jpgMatthew Rathbun TyanaStiegler.jpgTyana Stiegler NickLupien.jpgNick Lupien EdwardGalbavy.jpgEdward Galbavy AriaAssemi.JPGAria Assemi a.k.a. CRAZYMAN BryceSullivan.JPGBryce Sullivan

FrancescaLewis-Hatheway.jpgFrancesca Lewis-Hatheway

ElizabethSanchez.jpgElizabeth Sanchez LauritaSiu.jpgLaurita Siu GrahamRoggli.jpgGraham Roggli NickBenson.jpgNick Benson noname3.jpgJames Eugenia.jpgEugenia JingHua.JPGJing Hua a.k.a. ASHANTI WARRIOR NileCelaya.JPGNile Celaya


Hudson.jpgHudson GerardoSandoval.jpgGerardo Sandoval Sake.jpgSake Brandon.jpgBrandon TomHo.jpgHo Tom LA.jpgLA NataliePang.JPGNatalie Pang CarinneCook.JPGCarinne Mara Cook a.k.a. FENCE

NikkiGempf.jpgNikki Gempf

TonyTran.jpgTony Tran HanLwin.jpgHan Lwin AndrewZajicek.jpgAndrew Zajicek MinYuenNg.jpgMin Yuen (Mandy) Ng CharleyRobinton.jpgCharley Robinton MarkWells.jpgMark Wells OmarElmossalamy.jpgOmar Elmossalamy VictorValdes.jpgVictor Valdes

AlexieCarmouche.jpgAlexie Carmouche

ErikaSolis1.jpgErika Solis HelenWang.jpgHelen Wang noname4.jpg_ KarenNguyen1.JPGKaren Nguyen Lam.jpgLam Le JuneJuneShih.jpgJune-June Shih CeanneHa11.JPGCeanne Ha ChristineNeuman1.JPGChristine Neuman

AnthonyChacon.jpgAnthony Chacon

JulianMadison.JPGJulian Madison a.k.a. WRESTLER MiltonPham.jpgMilton Pham Erik Tong.jpgErik Tong JonathonYee.jpgJonathon Yee DavidLavine.jpgDavid Lavine FinneusFly.JPGFinneus Fly a.k.a. RANGER MoJoSafdie.jpgMo Jo Safdie JoseGouyonnet.JPGJose Gouyonnet a.k.a CUBA


noname6.jpg_ WendyMora.jpgWendy Mora SifuDanielQuincy.jpgSifu Daniel Quincy RobertEdwards.JPGRobert Edwards a.k.a. PRINCE JoshGuinn.jpgJosh Guinn DavidPham.JPGDavid Pham a.k.a SPARKLES JohnEdwards.JPGJohn Edwards AlecBoyd.jpgAlec Boyd

AlexanderMartinez.JPGAlexander Martinez a.k.a. FIREMAN

CeciliaMW.JPGCecilia Whitworth a.k.a. GRAPEFRUIT BogdanShevchenko.JPGBogdan Shevchenko EnriqueYbarra.JPGEnrique Ybarra CalvinDiep.jpgCalvin Diep a.k.a. Charizard AshkonMohebi.JPGAshkon Mohebi a.k.a TOE TravisShuler.JPGTravis Shuler a.k.a STANK LEG Clinton Kwan Chun Ngan1.JPGClinton Kwan Chun Ngan VincentLi1.JPGVincent Li a.k.a. Big Red

TerenceWoo1.JPGTerence Woo a.k.a. Twooooo

TiffHo1.JPGTiffany Ho a.k.a. Iron Maiden AbelHernandez.JPGAbel Hernandez AlexMarquez].JPGAlex Marquez JoeyFong.JPGJoey Fong SantiagoBenitez.JPGSantiago Benitez DavidLe.JPGDavid Le CuongVu.JPGCuong Vu JohnCowley.JPGJohn Cowley

JamesMendosa.jpgJames Mendoza

EdgarLopez.jpgEdgar Lopez NikkoReynoso.jpgNikko Reynoso OliviaNguyen.jpgOlivia Nguyen KimberlyJenks.jpgKimberly Jenks JennaBarry.jpgJenna Barry DawnChumley.JPGDawn Chumley JonathanSu.JPGJonathan Su ParkerTemple.JPGParker Temple

YiranLi.JPGYiran Li

GurpreetDhillon.JPGGurpreet Dhillon a.k.a. Punjabi JulieHa.JPGJulie Ha a.k.a. Tattoo TengHer.JPGTeng Her MinahKim.JPGMinah Kim JustinTong.JPGJustin Tong jarettsmith.JPGJarett Smith JakeEwald.JPGJake Ewald searching1.JPGsearching1

searching 2.JPGsearching 2

DarrenHentschel.JPGDarren Hentschel ChristianLansky.JPGChristian Lansky a.k.a. PLAGUE & PESTILENCE SophiaGente.JPGSophia Gente a.k.a. LONG ONE WalterLam.JPGWalter Lam a.k.a. THOR KelliJocoy2.JPGKelli Jocoy a.k.a. TWISTED SISTER OyangTeng.JPGOyang Teng SimonChen.JPGSimon Chen a.k.a. DRUNKEN MASTER RogerParks.JPGRoger Parks a.k.a. KODIAK

BennyCRBray.JPGBenny C.R. Bray a.k.a. BLACK BEAR

NguyenLe.JPGNguyen Le a.k.a. YODA GalvinEmesibe1.JPGGalvin Emesibe a.k.a. BATMAN EugeñeArai.JPGEugeñe Arai a.k.a. GARDENA UlyssesJimenez.JPGUlysses Jimenez a.k.a. ULY ChrisHart.JPGChris Hart BlackGi.JPGBlack Gi KalinaSwanson.JPGKalina Swanson KevinLeung.JPGKevin Leung

DanielFinn1.JPGDaniel Finn a.k.a. COUNT SHIME

GregoryGalizadeLeon2.JPGGregory Galiza de Leon DanielWay.JPGDaniel Way MichaelYe.JPGMichael Ye PatrickAncheta.JPGPatrick Ancheta JasonLam.JPGJason Lam HyeInOliviaChoi.JPGHyeIn Olivia Choi NicholasLe1.JPGNicholas Le EvanForeman2.JPGEvan Forman

ChristianHernandez.JPGChristian Hernandez

DanielTorrecampo.JPGDaniel Torrecampo EmilyGeesling.JPGEmily Geesling YiruSun.JPGYiru Sun ChuongKhong.JPGChuong Khong DanielTang.JPGDaniel Tang LisaHoang.JPGLisa Hoang KeaneChukwuneta.JPGKeane Chukwuneta ElisaHeida.JPGElisa Heida

ChelseySchnider.JPGChelsey Schnider

EvanZou.JPGEvan Zou StevenDong.JPGSteven Dong

Tournaments and Events

San Jose Buddhist - Feb. 2010

thenightbefore.jpg kevin &jj.jpg thenightbefore1.jpg badasses.jpg badasses1.jpg badasses2.jpg badasses4.jpg badasses6.jpg badasses7.JPG badasses8.JPG badasses9.JPG

Albany Invitation Oct 2006


East Bay Invitational Sept 2006

EBJI06team.jpgThe competitors

EBJI06_Rocco1st.jpgRocco 1st & MVP EBJI06_Charley2nd.jpgCharley 2nd EBJI06_Karen2nd.jpgKaren 2nd EBJI06_Kevin3rd.jpgKevin 3rd EBJI06_Erika3rd.jpgErika 3rd EBJI06_Minh3rd.jpgMinh 3rd EBJI06_Lam.jpgLam-Honorable Mention EBJI06_JuneJune.jpgJuneJune-Honorable Mention

Yota Tsuge of NAIST visit

YotaTsuge2.jpgYota Tsuge - Visiting Instructor

attherestaurant.jpgAt The Restaurant adangeroustrio.jpgA Dangerous Trio yotarocco.jpgYota & Rocco

San Jose Buddhist Tournament February 2006

SJBtour06.jpgSan Jose Buddhist Tournament 2006

SJBtour06_2.jpgSan Jose Buddhist Tournament 2006 SJBtour06_AndrewHan.jpgAndrew and Han SJBtour06_Andrew.jpgAndrew on the Medal Stand SJBtour06_Andrew2.jpgAndrew prepared with the menancing smile SJBtour06_warrior.jpgContemplation of Warrior Deeds

SJBtour06_eating.jpgCoaches eating before the fights

SJBtour06_Hanmedal.jpgHan getting his medal SJBtour06_weary.jpgHan grew weary of the wait SJBtour06_friends.jpgIt's nice to have friends. SJBtour06_warmup.jpgJanine and Han Warming Up SJBtour06_flexes.jpgJanine Flexes

SJBtour06_solitary.jpgNick - the solitary warrior

SJBtour06_good.jpgNick looking good SJBtour06_remy.jpgRemy doing a special job SJBtour06_sensei.jpgSensei with the crews SJBtour06_thanksrocco.jpgThanks Rocco for attending SJBtour06_warrior2.jpgWarriors - Han and the others

The City College of SF Tournament December 2005

[WWW]'''CCSF Tournament Information''': This is our first tournament as the Davis Judo Team. Considering our first time, we did pretty well. Most of us won medals from the individual competition. We also won first place for the white belt team competition. Thanks go to our Sensei and everyone's hard work and dedications. We are looking forward to the next tournament.

TeamChampions.jpgCCSF Tournament Team Champions Success.jpgMinh Prays For Success While Nick Stirs The Juices Rocco.jpgRocco Prepares The Choke justbecause.jpgJust Because

spectator.jpgThanks for Being There Mandy

battle.jpgJanine Preparing For Battle fruits.jpgFruits of Success lockerroom.jpgIn The Company of Judoka

See also: Harry Kendall Sensei, Judo, ARC Martial Arts Program

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2011-02-19 23:56:39   Is the club affiliated with the ARC, or does it just use the space for practice? Are there any fees or requirements (uniform, experience) if an individual wants to drop in one day and check it out? —ChantalRam

2011-03-15 09:14:05   @Chantal Ram- The club is a UC Davis Sports Club and as the ARC is a UC Davis facility- I feel it is an affiliate. There are club dues and you are required to buy a gi should you plan to join. However, the 1st couple of days or so, feel free to drop in and work out! Please come see us Spring Quarter-we thrive on new blood, no prior judo experience required! —KelliJocoy

2011-07-18 03:33:45   Jesus zer look at yer photo fer Christ sakes...

Better but now it looks like someone yelled "NO SMILING" at you

2012-05-10 22:33:54   Do you need to be a student to join the practice? As stated, there are club dues, how does it work? Charge per class or month fee? —PuiyukSin

2012-08-11 11:22:03   are there any practices going on in the summer? —johnald

2014-09-23 08:02:25   Judo is not for everyone. You will not learn false fraternity/sorority values here.

You will value hard work, discipline, respect, and strength. Real SAMURAI values that are actively practiced EVERY DAY in the dojo.

The Sensei sees strength in people that they don't even see themselves.

I can personally attest, because my entire life changed as a result of this program. I came in as a weak, lost child and out a physical and intellectual monster, ready to lay down my wrath on the world.

However, it must be stressed that this program IS not for everyone. If you value drinking to the point of vomiting,playing video games all day, and degrading women, then don't step one foot into the dojo.

Because the dojo is a place of honor.

My name is Nicholas Le, and my life has changed as a result of this program.

The real question is, can you do it too? —NicholasLe

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