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317 East 8th St.
on the corner of 8th & B streets
Academic Year Worship
Sun 9am Worship Service
Sun 10am Sunday School
Sun 11am Worship Service
Summer Season Worship
Sun 10am Worship Service
Rev. Jeff Irwin, Pastor
<church AT davislc DOT org>

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Davis Lutheran Church is a congregation of the 5.8 million member [WWW]Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. Davis Lutheran holds three Sunday services and Sunday school classes for pre-school through adults during the academic year and two services during the summer. Small groups, volunteer opportunities, youth programs, Vacation Bible School, music groups, and more are offered. Davis Lutheran Church partners with it sister congregation, Lutheran Church Of The Incarnation, and The Belfry campus ministry in a variety of ministries. Some DLC members play softball with the team Heaven Help Us. The alternative worship experience Crossings is part of Davis Lutheran Church.

Davis Lutheran Church uses Fair Trade Coffee and sells it before and after morning services on the second Sunday of the month.

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A visitor to our church shared with me that a posting on the Davis Wiki seemed very unlike their own experience of this congregation and wondered if I had seen the posting from ximemurillo, dated 2013-11-25. I shared that it had been many years since I had been on the Davis Lutheran Wiki page and I wasn’t even aware that we still had a presence on it.

After reading the posting I feel I need to offer some clarifications about what is presented. I am saddened by the experience Ximena had on our campus and I attempted to speak to Ximena directly on the phone and also arranged a personal meeting to clarify what was presented in her posting, unfortunately she did attend our planned meeting. I want to clarify what I believe are misunderstanding of Davis Lutheran’s role in her experience.

1. Davis Lutheran offers the use of our campus to many not-for-profit organizations. During the time of year that Ximena came to our campus seeking a Thanksgiving meal, STEAC (Short Term Emergency Aid Committee, see their website) uses our facilities for its holiday donation program of providing support. While this congregation does an amazing number of things, Davis Lutheran does not donate Thanksgiving meals; it provides space for STEAC to offer its holiday programs. Having spoken to all of our church staff and members of the church council about this, I believe Ximena encountered the STEAC program on our campus that day.

2. It has always been Davis Lutheran Church’s mission to offer our campus facilities to groups and organizations. With that mission comes the risk that we cannot monitor the experience of all persons who come to programs, events, and activities that other organizations offer on our campus. We feel it is our gift of hospitality to the community of Davis to offer our space when it is available to groups and organizations.

3. Davis Lutheran offers many forms of support to both local and global social ministry programs. The generosity and kindness this congregation offers in this community I believe is well know. Hours of volunteer time spent on supporting the Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter, our partnership funding support to a variety of local organizations from our annual Picnic Day BBQ, World Hunger support, Campus ministry meals and funding, Community Meals volunteers, local social worker support through school supplies and backpacks, St. John’s Shelter Adopt-a-family Christmas in-gatherings are just a few of what I could go on and on about the countless ways this church and it members and friends offer themselves to others in need with gracious and generous hearts.

So while I am truly saddened by the experience that Ximena had on our campus, I believe our community is well served by Davis Lutheran Church and it’s mission to be a church guided by kindness, hospitality, generosity and care for those in need.

Blessings and peace,

Rev. Jeff Irwin
Pastor, Davis Lutheran Church

'2013-11-25 11:15:35   Last week I had an experience that I would like to share. My husband and I have 3 children and work from home caring for children (daycare provider) and like all who are self employed, sometimes you ride the crest of the wave and sometimes your under it. In these last few months our income has changed some and it can be stressful because of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years approaching, but as my family taught me "God squeezes but does not choke." A friend of ours told us that the Davis Lutheran Church was donating Thanksgiving meals. She gave us a flyer which had three requirements. We discussed it with my husband and decided why not, we should not be ashamed to ask. So on 11/15/13 we went to the church with our Id's to prove we lived in Davis, our ebt card to show we receive assistance, and our 5 medical cards to show there are 5 of us in the family. This is what the flyer asked for to qualify for the meal.

What is being poor? He who does not have money or he ho lacks a soul.

Thank You very much


P.S. If I had enough or extra I would never take something from someone that needed it more than I.

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