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This is the place for Midwesterners in Davis to connect with each other, or for those traveling to the Midwest to get the inside scoop. Davisites and students from out of state often have to balance money, family, travel and sun protection differently than those who grew up in the area. The wiki Glossary can help a lot!

Midwestern States: [wikipedia]Illinois, [wikipedia]Indiana, [wikipedia]Iowa, [wikipedia]Kansas, [wikipedia]Michigan, [wikipedia]Minnesota, [wikipedia]Missouri, [wikipedia]Nebraska, [wikipedia]North Dakota, [wikipedia]Ohio, [wikipedia]South Dakota, and [wikipedia]Wisconsin

Midwestern Wikians:

Midwestern College Alums:

Traveling to the Midwest:

Midwest Stuff Missing in Davis (or California in general):

Midwest Stuff in Davis


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2005-12-22 16:27:03   the midwest .. where it's POP not soda! —DanXie

2009-02-23 23:43:35   Haha... 5 of these states are not in the midwest! You crazy californians! —BrandonBarrette

2009-02-23 23:47:45   Things missing in CA: There are no Hungry Howie's or Jet's Pizza...or Meijer...mmm Meijer! —EricaMacGregor

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