Davis Sketchcrawl


What the heck is a SKETCHCRAWL?

Basically, Sketchcrawl is a worldwide drawing marathon. The fearless leader of Sketchcrawlers everywhere (and the guy whose idea it originally was), [WWW]Enrico Casarosa, picks a date to go crawling. People in various cities and towns, from Japan to Germany to Chicago to our very own Davis, CA, start madly organizing a route for the day, spreading the word and hoping a large number of people will turn up.

It really isn't a cult.

It's a great way to spend a day: wandering around a town, drawing with a number of other people who also enjoy drawing. Art (unless you're a performance artist) is generally a solitary activity, and it's a great change of pace to actually make art with other people who are making art.

There are other good reasons to go Sketchcrawling:

December 11th, 2005

There was a Sketchcrawl on December 11th, 2005. We had a great turnout, and although we ended up at about 3 pm with only four people left, we had about 10 people to start out with. Below are some of the drawings produced by our Davis Artists on this Momentous Day:


Emma: Thanks for a great day! Alison

emma.jpg lastlaff.jpg cinammonteal.jpg

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