Davis Vegetarian Society


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January 2008
Mondays at 7:00pm in Wellman Hall 101
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The Davis Vegetarian Society was founded by two vegans in an effort to provide a resources to current vegs and contemplating vegs. The overall goal of the group is to help educate the campus and public community on issues related to veganism as a whole in a positive manner. The club is welcome to all, including omnivores!


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2008-04-16 15:13:34   Check out theppk.com for great gourmet, but easily made, vegan recipes. One I've tried with amazing results is the Chocolate Bomb Pudding Cake — it comes out pudding-like with an awesome, chocolatey sauce! [WWW]http://theppk.com/recipes/dbrecipes/index.php?RecipeID=153RoxyRobles

2008-06-03 10:37:41   is it just me or is ding how pwn when it comes to vegetarian food? —StevenDaubert

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