Davis Visitor's Guide


The city of Davis is quite an experience for members of the outside world, and this guide serves as an overview of these experiences for any visitors to the community. In addition to pointing out some highlights, we encourage you to take a look around the rest of the Davis Wiki to learn more about the Davis community. When planning your trip to Davis, remember to keep the weather in mind.

Getting to Davis

Davis is accessible (and connected to the outside world) by train, bus, car, and hike'n'bike paths. I-80 is the major highway that connects Davis to the nearest metropolitan areas; additionally Highway 113 connects Davis to the north. Buses and shuttles also run between the city and Sacramento Airport (SMF) . The transportation page provides complete coverage on all the transportation options available in and around the city.

Finding yourself in the city

Many entires on this site include a map, but unless you have a laptop and know where the hotspots are, those are not terribly helpful if you are wandering around. Speaking of maps, the Davis Downtown Business Association has map stations scattered throughout downtown that would greatly assist you in exploring the downtown area. Other maps those scattered about the UC Davis campus. If you are wanting to take a bus, you might want to consider looking into unitrans and acquiring a map from them, it may be quite useful for finding your way through town. On the county level, the Yolo County Visitors Bureau also provides moderately useful maps of the area without charge.

Things to do while here

Particularly notable things of Davis

Are you only spending a few days in Davis? There are a few notable things about Davis that no tourist should miss.

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