Davis Wiki Dot Org Slash Music


Davis Wiki Dot Org Slash Music is a music compilation, created by Rob Roy, for the 2006 Davis Wiki fundraiser.

# Song Title Performer Album (or Source) Year Released
1) Gracious Didley Squat The Cloudy Stem Taster 2004
2) Inventory Boss the Big Bit [WWW]MySpace.com/BossTheBigBit 2006
3) Metal and Glass Exact Game Theory Pointed Accounts of People You Know 1983
4) What my problem is? Legubitron Untitled 2004
5) Any Other God Sholi Self Titled EP 2004
6) Southpaw's Jab Sterling Riot (Rob Roy) [WWW]MySpace.com/SterlingRiot 2006
7) Troubles Oxford Circle Live At The Avalon 1966
8) It's a train Playboy Millionaires Live in Studio A (KDVS) 2004
9) Hollywood Holiday True West True West 1983
10) Special City Lawsuit Kind of Brown 1991
11) Skies The Nothing [WWW]PrecipitateRecords.com 2005
12) Let's Get False Brilliant Red Lights Touch Like You Want It 2005
13) Homemade Boat Katie Delwiche Thrice She Was a Sparrow 2005
14) The Lady Vanishes Thin White Rope The Ruby Sea 1991
15) All Souls Day Garrett Pierce Like a Moth 2005
16) No Point Ben Lewis & the Back 40 Live at Whole Earth Festival 2005
17) Close My Eyes Natalie Cortez & The Ultra Violets Live At The Palms (in Davis) 1999
18) It’s Cold Spider Friends [WWW]MySpace.com/SpiderFriends 2005
19) Robber's Banquet Popealopes An Adder's Tale 1988
20) Talking Loud The Suspects Live At The CoHo 1981
21) Birch Way Guide Dogs Myspace.com/GuideDogs 2006
22) Gypsy Dreamer Brian Ang Approaching Clarity 2005

Several of these bands are mentioned in a great SN & R article written in 2002 about the [WWW]Paradise lost across the causeway.

The sequel to this mix CD is 2010's Audioversity in the Little Tomato.

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