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 * I wish there was a special parking pass for people who work downtown, or a special lot that we could park in. Sometimes I just don't feel like biking or the weather is bad and I don't want to get my uniform wet. I love to bike, but I hate getting multiple parking tickets because I am unable to move my vehicle. - ["Users/SydnieMcGuire"]

  1. Water Fountain for Kids
  2. Coworking Space
  3. Fondue Bar
  4. Art
  5. Music Studio / Practice Space
  6. Coffee
    1. Late at night
    2. More Coffee
    3. Good Coffee
  7. Consideration
  8. Democracy
    1. Choice Voting
  9. Entertainment
    1. An All-Ages Venue
    2. Comedy Club
    3. Drum Circle
    4. Hookah Bar
    5. Inexpensive Movie Theater
  10. Health Clinic (drop-in)
  11. Landscaping Bins
  12. Open Space
  13. Real British Pub
  14. Restaurants
    1. 24-Hour Los Angeles-Style Mexican Restaurant
    2. Authentic Italian Food
    3. Authentic Irish Restaurant
    4. Barbecue
    5. Buffalo Wings
    6. Dim Sum
    7. Ethiopian/Eritrean
    8. Mongolian Barbecue
    9. Restaurants that deliver!
    10. Sit-down ice cream restaurant
    11. Steak House
    12. 5 Guys
    13. UCD Coffeehouse
    14. Vegan/Organic Foods Restaurant
    15. White Castle Burger
    16. Lee's Sandwiches
    17. Bring back certain food(s)
      1. Old Froggy's burgers
      2. Old G Street Menu
  15. Panaderia
  16. Shopping
    1. Men's Clothing Store
    2. Plus-Size Women's Clothing Store
    3. Real Asian supermarket
    4. Best Buy
    5. Maternity Clothes
    6. A Fabric Store
    7. Improve Manor Plaza
  17. Transportation
    1. Bicycle taxis
    2. Biking
      1. A new Skatepark!
      2. A Velodrome
    3. Driving
    4. Ban Driving Downtown
    5. Parking
    6. Rail Transit
    7. Teleporter
    8. UC Davis Underground
  18. A Second Downtown
  19. Where should the Bums go?
  20. Wishes Fulfilled
    1. Panera Bread
    2. Trader Joe's
    3. Car Sharing
    4. Trivia Night
    5. Bikes
    6. American-Style Buffet
    7. Target
    8. Luggage

This page is a list of things Davis either sorely lacks or that certain wiki users are demanding be supplied. Something like Target is debatable whether or not most people in Davis wish for it or not; then again, the debate occurred and the Target arrived. But as for this list, wiki users can hope that businesses and/or the City Council will take note of our suggestions. Also see I Love Davis, I Hate Davis, and Plethora vs. Dearth in Davis.

LeatherbysSundaes.jpgDavis has great homemade ice cream at the Davis Creamery, but why doesn't it have a sit-down restaurant where you can get a big drippy sundae like these from [sacramento]Leatherby's?

Water Fountain for Kids

Coworking Space

There must be enough independent, self-employed, work-from-home, creative people in town to support a coworking space.... anyone interested in pursuing this with me?

Check out [WWW]http://daviscoworking.blogspot.com (opening in early March at 213 E St., above Luigi's Pizza)

Coworking is great! If you work from home, are self-employed, spend hours on end in cafes working, or don't like the work environment at your real office and have the flexibility to be elsewhere, try it!

Fondue Bar

I think a good fondue bar would be cool. Kinda like what a hookah bar would be like but fondue. Like dessert and stuff.


You know what we need to do in this town? Something along the lines of [WWW]http://www.cowparade.com. Because if any town can do weird public art, involving cows, it's us.

As the Payphone Project has shown, there are protected posts all around Davis. Re-purposing them to a community [WWW]shared library would be awesome. In April 2012, the East Davis Library in a Box started showing it can be done.

Music Studio / Practice Space

If you need to rent a place to practice with your band, where can you go? I'd rent one if there was one available locally, and I know other musicians who would do the same.


Also see Cafes.

Late at night

More Coffee

Good Coffee



Choice Voting


An All-Ages Venue

Comedy Club

Drum Circle

Hookah Bar

Also see Smoking.

Hooka Bars can't be established in Davis because of a city ordinance that prohibits smoking within and around 100 feet of any establishment. - RobertBaron

Inexpensive Movie Theater

Also see Movie Theaters.

Health Clinic (drop-in)

Landscaping Bins

Instead of throwing landscaping junk in the middle of the bike lanes so that it can blow around the streets, the city should supply landscaping bins. It would be more aesthetically pleasing, and less hazardous for bikes. Keep the bins in your yard until garbage day. It's not exactly a novel concept, since many towns have already adopted this practice. Why Davis hasn't, I'm not exactly sure.

Open Space

Real British Pub


Also see Restaurants.

24-Hour Los Angeles-Style Mexican Restaurant

gs in Davis. —BrentLaabs

Authentic Italian Food

Authentic Irish Restaurant


Buffalo Wings

Dim Sum


Mongolian Barbecue

Restaurants that deliver!

Sit-down ice cream restaurant

Steak House

5 Guys

*The way they're expanding, it's possible. But I hate having to go to Vacaville or Natomas to get a burger from here. Almost as good as In-N-Out, but very different. - —sba

UCD Coffeehouse

Vegan/Organic Foods Restaurant

White Castle Burger

Lee's Sandwiches

Bring back certain food(s)

Old Froggy's burgers

Old G Street Menu


We need an authentic panaderia. I have to go all the way to woodland or west sac to satisfy my cravings. aren't there enough davis residents with a taste for Hispanic breads and pastries to support a locally owned panaderia?


Men's Clothing Store

Also see Clothing Stores.

Plus-Size Women's Clothing Store

Also see Clothing Stores.

Real Asian supermarket

Also see Ethnic Markets.

Best Buy

Computer accessories, video games, a huge DVD selection, CD's, and game consoles for you to play.

Maternity Clothes

A Fabric Store

Improve Manor Plaza


Also see Transportation.

Bicycle taxis


DavisBikePathWish.jpgWish: Separated Bike Path West Covell Boulevard up to Road 96

A new Skatepark!

The skatepark which is in the center of the Community park is hideous. It is excessively small and not very fun. The people who designed it seem to have no knowledge of how to work with concrete and/or design a skatepark. This is clearly evident to anyone who's ever gone there. There are lumps on what should be smooth surfaces, the transitions are either too tight , or in the case of the "bowl", so shallow that there is no way to pump to get back up to the lip on the other side. I implore the city to make a park that is not only safe, but fun!!

A Velodrome

With the Bicycling Hall of Fame, UCD's championship squad and the sheer number of fixed gears riding through town, it seems only obvious that Davis get a Velodrome. It doesn't need to be anything fancy, but on the lines of [WWW]Hellyer Park in San Jose. I'm all for it.


Ban Driving Downtown

* Bathory states a lot of win. I think this is a horrible idea of banning driving downtown. What about the handicapped? Are they no not to see movies? Sing some karaoke at Woodstock?


Rail Transit


UC Davis Underground

A Second Downtown

Davis has grown a lot in size and population since I got here in 1979. This has created pressures on the quaint residential properties in the core area, it has increased traffic into the downtown area, parking is getting harder and harder to find, and from what I have heard from several shop owners, the downtown property landlords are ruthless. In addition, the idea of closing selected downtown streets has come and gone several times, and was even tried once, on a limited basis (one-way streets, if I recall correctly). And, admit it Davis, the ratio of bike to car traffic in downtown is no where as high as it once was. Finally, the pressure to build big mall-like facilities (barren retail depots that offer nothing in the way of community and culture) has been a big issue lately.

My solution is to set aside an area where a second downtown could develop and establishing guidelines for making it happen. A Downtown II has many possibilities, most I see as good. Here are the pros and cons, listed together, and in no particular order. You can decide which are pros and which are cons and of course since this is a wiki you can add more items and can add observations to the already listed items.

  1. It would create some competition with the current land-locked (in the sense that it is surrounded by developed neighborhoods and cannot grow) downtown, something that should lower the rents.

  2. New buildings would be modern, energy efficient, accessible, and safer (up to date on all fire and earthquake codes).

  3. One could make the whole thing car, bike, and pedestrian friendly at the outset, instead of fighting existing business interests and remodeling existing buildings and infrastructure. A real pedestrian zone, for instance. Perhaps the new downtown could incorporate elements of Village Homes.

  4. Shopping commutes would be shorter since people would be more likely to shop very locally rather than generally locally. This would take pressure off the Russell Blvd underpass problem. Shopping commutes might even start to favor biking and walking again.

  5. Over time people would come to favor one downtown over the other. While that could lead to a dual-culture Davis (Multi-culturalism is good, right?) and some people might not care for that, it has many good points. One downtown might become more student-oriented, for example, and as a result more student-oriented businesses (live music, clothing, etc.) may spring up. The other town may be more family or home-owner oriented, with shops, galleries, and entertainment that support those demographics. There are advantages to having shops that complement each other being close to each other, even while they may be competing with each other. Of course, over time friendly rivalries could develop, or even unfriendly rivalries, hypothetically to the point the NewTown and OldTown propose splitting Davis in two, but that's a pretty far out there possibility and in any advent it would probably take over 100 years to get to that point, and anyway by then Davis will be under water.

Where should the Bums go?

Why doesn't davis have a shelter for the homeless?
I know that local churches help out every once in a while, but why isn't there a mission house where street people can get counseling and guidance to get back on their feet?
some may say that there aren't bums in davis, but i see them all the time loitering around the various grocery complexes and occasionally downtown.
A shelter can be an asset to the community and an opportunity for others to contribute to their fellow comrades' wellbeing.

Wishes Fulfilled

Move wishes that have been fulfilled into this section.

Panera Bread

Trader Joe's

A Trader Joe's arrived in 2010, fulfilling the wishes below.

Car Sharing

Trivia Night


American-Style Buffet

The new Segundo Dining Commons has all kinds of food to please all manner of tastes. The salad bar has what I missed from Fresh Choice, at a comparable price too.


Also see Davis Wish List/Target.


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