Dee's Wonderland

Instructor and Owner
Dee Chang
<dswonderland7 AT gmail DOT com>

Home-Based Chinese/English Bilingual Preschool

2.5 to 6

Half Day M-F 8:30AM - 12:30PM
Whole Day M-F 8:00AM - 6:00PM

The preschool is welcome to all preschool children between the ages 2.5-6, the critical years of language acquirement. It prepare students for kindergarten readiness while building Mandarin-Chinese and English skills through daily lessons and monthly themes.

SISC Education Center

K-6 Grade Students

M-F 3:00PM - 6:00PM

The after-school program helps each student learn Mandarin-Chinese at each individual student's pace in a fun and stress-free environment. The school aims to have the students utilize the language in every aspect of their daily life. The school immerses students into a Mandarin-Chinese environment, where no English is spoken. Instead of passively learning through studying and rote memorizing, the school tries to create a fun learning environment through interactions and activities. Some of these activities include calligraphy, Chinese Chess, arts and crafts, poems, and songs. All of these activities also include teaching Chinese culture.

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2012-03-08 15:58:35   I have two kids currently at Dee's. Both started when they were two years of age, and my oldest is heading off to K pretty soon. Mandarin immersion was an important consideration to us, but in all honesty... even if that wasn't a consideration, we'd probably still have our kids at Dee's. It's just a very friendly environment, and provides everything we're looking for in pre-school education. I tend to judge schools by the kids attending them, and just about every child at this school seems polite, well-behaved, happy, and just generally well-adjusted. I hear she's a victim of her own success however... there may be a very long wait list for new kids. So, if you're interested, get your kids on the wait-list eaaaarrrrly. —ChonT

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