Delta Phi Beta



Delta Phi Beta is the nation's first South Asian co-ed fraternity. It's inception was a reaction against the growing schism forming within the South Asian community. Founded at UC Davis in 2003, Delta Phi Beta has been working to form connections within the South Asian community uniting all individuals, regardless of cultural or religious beliefs. Delta Phi Beta is upheld by its four pillars of philanthropy: cultural awareness, social enhancement, academic excellence, and community involvement.

Delta Phi Beta has thrown a number of successful parties in the past which include:

Delta Phi Beta has participated in various community service events. Some of them include:

In June 2006, Delta Phi Beta successfully hosted the first South Asian Middle Eastern (SAME) graduation in UC Davis history. Each year, SAME graduation becomes bigger and better; it is a tradition we want to keep alive for the generations of students to come.

Please email us at for more information and join our "Delta Phi Beta & Friends" group on Facebook for the latest updates!


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