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  First off let me apologize for the treatment you have received. I am an employee there and as a shift leader I am in the front lines doing my best to make sure things you've commented on don't happen. Customer service is our number 1 task. I can give a few reasons why you might have had poor service with the transfer/special orders: First off if it is a special order it can take anywhere from 1 day to never coming. That confuses a lot of people when we tell them about our other service "transfers" which take 7-10 business days. Now with transfers the whole process is that we call a store, they look for the item,(if they find that item) the store will then send it our way via a friendly guy driving his personal car. Now that seems like a flawless plan, but sometimes the employees can write the wrong things down or we receive the wrong information from customers but when it arrives to us we do our best to get it to the customer. If the number doesn't work we just put it on hold 7 days from when we received it and after that it goes on the floor. Everything that comes through via transfer or special order gets put on hold for 7 days with the exception of New Game Systems and some New Games because far too often we have people put items on hold that others want and then never come in.
  Now for the returns, we take returns on almost everything we sell, with the exception of apparel, audio cassetes, and vinyl (as it is all written on the return policy posted in the store and given away to each customer). When someone comes in wishing to return something, if that item is defective we try to find the same item on the store floor or we run it through the repair machine, if the customer doesn't want that same item we fall back on the normal return policy which is 75% store credit within 2 weeks of the purchase. With that said, I have seen returns of vinyl, and audio tapes because they were defective and we got the customer the WORKING copies of each.
  With regards to someone hanging up on you and telling you never to call back, I have a hard time believing that, but since you are the customer I will. Problems like this should definitely be addressed by a shift leader such as myself, the assistant manager or the manager. If you don't feel comfortable talking to any of us because you feel we are too rude, then by all means call the sacramento store and talk to Drew or Dilyn and please let them know how we wronged you. Our job is to help you enjoy the music and movies that we all as employees enjoy. If you are hating being in our store because of things we did then we feel that as well and its a bad experience for all of us. So in closing, All of these problems can and should be addressed directly to us in the store, I can promise that no one will throw you out or let the dogs out on you. --["Users/AndyHenderson"]


212 F Street
Sunday-Thursday 9am-10pm Friday & Saturday 9am-11pm
(530) 750-0600
Dimple Music
Payment Method
ATM, Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX
no checks

Dimple has taken over the location where Tower Records and Rainbow Records were previously. [WWW]article

Welcome to Dimple Records in Davis

The Dimple Records in Davis is the 6th Dimple store. The other Dimple locations are in Sacramento, Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, Roseville, and Folsom. Like Armadillo Music across the street, Dimple is an independent music store, just on a larger scale. Dimple carries new and used CDs and DVDs and has a wide array of used video games (including old NES, SNES, Sega, Atari, N64, PSX, Dreamcast, Gameboy, PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, Wii, and PS3) controllers, and consoles. The console selection for older consoles is usually slim to none since older systems like Super Nintendos and Sega Genesis are now collectors items and thus sell within a day or two of their being sold to Dimple. Dimple also sells used VHS, usually for about 99 cents a tape. They even sells Vinyl (see below for details). There are also numerous trinkets in the store for sale like incense, posters, pins, sunglasses, dolls, and even a Mac Dre hyphy mask. Employees have the ability to search through the inventory of Dimple's 5 other stores in the greater Sacramento area and can have a product transferred from those stores to Davis in 5-10 days for no extra charge. Items currently available from distributors can also be special ordered and will arrive around 7-14 days in most cases. For both transfers and special orders, Dimple will not charge you up front but rather will wait until an item arrives before you are required to pay for it. Dimple also has a lot of promotions going on and plenty of free demo and compilation CDs to give away.

Vinyl -

Dimple does sell but does not buy back used vinyl. While most of the vinyl products are new, they do sell some used vinyl. Almost all of the vinyl is for current artists/releases so there is little vintage/collectible vinyl like you would find at stores like "The Beat" in Sacramento. Most records on vinyl cannot be special ordered because they are out of print.

Selling -

Dimple will buy back used CDs, DVDs, VHS, video games and video game systems/accessories (no vinyl or cassette tapes). Dimple buys older video games/systems too, including but not limited to gameboy, snes, genesis, atari, nes, dreamcast, and ps1 items. When selling a video game console, you need to bring the console itself, the power cable, the video connector cables, and one original controller (no third-party controllers allowed, although you can sell those back separately). All product must be used, meaning it must be opened and not shrink-wrapped. Trade in value for VHS is extremely low, so don't expect more than 10 cents or so for most VHS tapes (Disney vhs will score you about 50 cents a tape, box sets like the star wars trilogy will get you a dollar or so). Customers can choose to get either cash or store credit. The store will not quote buyback prices over the phone. Buyback can take a while depending on both the amount of product you have to sell or if other people are selling at the same time, but you are welcome to browse the store as they process your stuff. Only one buyback per day, per customer is allowed. You must bring a valid ID each time you sell

Returns -

Dimple gives store credit only for all returns. If anything is brought back defective within 14 days it can be exchanged for free or customers can receive 100% store credit. If any new, unopened product is brought back within 14 days it can also be exchanged for 100% store credit. Opened CDs or DVDs that customers just simply don't like can also be returned within 14 days for 75% store credit.

Dimple Rewards Card -

Dimple offers a free rewards card for all customers. For every 13 dollars that you spend, you receive a "point" — as these points accumulate, you can then use them to get items half off. For instance, if you have 11 points saved up, and you are buying a CD that comes to $11.00 or below (including tax) you can choose to get that CD half off. Thus, each point equates to a 50 cent deduction, but the points have to be above the price of at least one of the items you are buying. It's a modest but nonetheless simple and generous system. The points are tracked automatically on the card, and it takes less than 30 seconds to set one up during checkout. The rewards card also acts as your receipt if you lose your paper receipt so it's handy to carry around. For those worrying about having more things to carry, employees can always look you up in the system by your name if you lose or forget your card.

Bag Checking -

Like Tower used to require, Dimple also asks that you please check any backpack or bag up at the front of the store (purses are ok).


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2007-06-22 22:07:51   Two words: Weak sauce. Their electronica section is 1/3 an aisle and I swear, has nothing pre 2005 except for some "Greatest trance of the 90's" or some other crap. The [sacramento]Sacramento store is a priceless gem but it's corwning achievements like the one in Davis that remind me why I use peer 2 peer. Unless you want a plastic copy of something broadcasted on your clearchannel FM dial, don't bother. :-( —ChristopherMckenzie

2007-06-25 14:15:20   Christopher -

Indeed, the electronica section is only about a third of an aisle, but the store is a lot smaller than the sacramento location and thus thats about all the room we can afford. There are plenty of electronica CDs that are pre-2005. The section is kind of a mess right now because we're still in the process of stocking and getting cards/tags for everything, but it will all come together soon. Also, the vareity of the store will increase as more people start visiting and selling their CDs to us. We can also special order CDs from our distributors for you, and, even better, we can search the inventory of all 5 other Dimple locations and have product transfered from other stores to Davis for no extra cost, usually in about 3 days. I hope this eases some of your concerns, come try us again soon! —JakeJames

2007-07-16 15:29:48   This place gets big points in my book just for being a good wikizen — updates to this page are informative without overselling, and there is response to customer concerns! I'll be checking them out soon. —CovertProfessor

2007-08-07 00:00:50   I like Dimple a lot; I think they have a fine selection of used material and you can even sometimes find good stuff for $5.99 (Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation). Most used CDs are right around $8, which is competitive with Armadillo. My only complaint about the place is the damn tape they use to seal the CD cases. It is really hard to get off of the cases, and once it is off it leaves a wonderful sticky mess, so you will either need some sort of solvent or a new case. I suppose theft is a concern, or disc swapping perhaps. I would think that if a thief is in your store they are going to steal anyway. Just a thought. —ColinMcEnroe

2007-08-09 22:36:49   Colin -

Yeah the tape can be a nuisance, but I guess it is a pretty solid/cheap theft deterrent and helps keep used CD prices down. We have razor blades up at the front, so we can cut through them for you, but sometimes the tape does leave that stickiness. We usually have goop-off up at the front so if it's a big issue we can try cleaning it off for you as well (as long as there isn't a long line of customers behind you).

- Edit: As of October, Dimple is changing their tape to one that supposedly leaves less residue. It's not being used at the davis location yet but it should be there soon.—JakeJames

2007-08-12 10:07:23   i actually like this place. It feels comfortable there and the prices are awesome compared to other stores. The workers are really helpful too as well as laid back. love it. —KimberlyMiller

2007-09-12 11:10:19   Dimple is amazing!! Compared to how tower was and their desire to rip people off with overly expensive items, this is a dream come true. Best part is that it's family owned which i just found out! When i was there i couldn't find what i wanted, so i asked for help and it wasn't in the store, but they ordered it from another store and i got it within a week. Who listens to techno anyways pssh. Keep up the good work dimple! —Treehugger

2007-10-10 16:25:31   Dimple is great great employees Devon is awesome always a professional all employees are great. Great service lots to choose from love it it is way better and friendlier than anyother store i have shopped at thanks so much —Brians

2007-10-28 13:27:31   Dimple is awesome! If they don't have a CD in stock at one location, they can not only look up to see if it's available at another Dimple store, but they can have it shipped over to the store you want it at for free — even used stuff. I've always found the prices reasonable (especially compared to their across-the-street competitor) and the service and selection are excellent. —DavidObrien

2007-11-15 20:59:18   I can't wait for the new lower-residue tape to start filtering in! —ColinMcEnroe

2007-11-15 21:00:41   BTW, Dimple is wonderful, I always find lots of good *gasp* used music for a reasonable price. —ColinMcEnroe

2007-11-15 22:35:43   If you're from the Bay Area and are used to places like Rasputin and Streetlight, Dimple is very similar. Decent prices (I can always find good DVDs here for about $7) and a good selection...pretty neat place altogether. —LilyT

2008-01-11 13:00:58   Dimple is surprisingly becoming my primary place to shop for video games. They've surprised me on 2 occasions by having something in stock that Gamestop did not and their prices are reasonable and sometimes cheaper than other places. The rewards card is also amazing for shopping for games because half off of a game (even if only every now and then) is spectacular. My only complaint is that their selection isn't as big as I'd like, but it's difficult to fault a music store for having a slim video game selection. —OnaWhim

2008-01-11 18:44:06   Some of their used anime dvds are bootlegs. And entire series for 15 bucks on a few region free discs should raise some red flags, if you actually care about that sort of thing. —MeeYouu

2008-03-19 13:32:41   Dimple is awesome and has now become my one-stop site for used CDs and DVDs. They have awesome service and an excellent selection. I've spent hours walking around looking for music. Excellent! —VTang

2008-05-18 00:33:25   Used DVDs are still a little expensive. Think ~$14. Yeah.... —eda

2008-06-24 19:10:11   A fair share of pros and cons, though they are going to have to do quite a lot to outweigh the cons. Pros first, great selection and prices, rewards card, organized, and the ability to have stuff transfered from other stores. Cons, the staff, now for the explanation. One out of five things that come in for me I get a call for, the other five I don't (And sometimes that stuff doesn't even get put on hold). More then enough times they randomly put stuff back on the shelves that I had on hold, not to mention that I didn't have more then five things on hold nor did 7 days pass. They refused to take back faulty merchandise and have been extremely rude and insufferable. I even once called to ask if they had something, the call ended within 3 minutes with them telling me not to call them again. (Without them having auditory hallucinations nothing I said could have been insulting in any way, quite the opposite actually). —HVS

2008-07-10 23:10:57   I refuse to buy music here. Last spring, I applied for a job before the store was officially open, and after several uncomfortable up-and-down judgments by the unfriendly ladies setting up shop inside, I was obviously judged as not fitting of the record store employee stereotype. (I'm a girl, don't let my fake profile fool you). All I can guess is that I was too clean cut for them. But I can guarantee I know more about music than any one of them; I would have loved that job and would have been such a great asset. I doubt they even looked at my application.

I know that doesn't say anything about the store itself, but customer service, a.k.a. treatment of patrons and potential coworkers, is very important. If you're representing an establishment, you should be aware that how you act wherewithin can make or break a customer's decision to shop there.

That said, I was originally a huge fan of Dimple's well-established rival, Armadillo Music, for all the free stuff they consistently give me with purchase, and how chill they are. Plus, I would rather support a non-chain record store anyway. GO ARMADILLO! —WinButler

2008-09-08 09:39:31   HVS-

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