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Frisbee Golf (also known as Disc Golf or even Frolf) is a game using the rules of golf, but throwing a Frisbee from the tee-off to the cage or designated goal. It's easy and fun, and par can be modified for any age or ability. For a writeup of rules and common terms used in the game, go [WWW]here.

Frisbee Golf courses in Davis

disc_golf_sign.jpgThe Oxford Circle Park had new course markers erected in 2005.

Oxford Circle Park (505 Oxford Circle) - This is a comparatively short, 9 hole course. Follow the signs marking the tee for each hole to get from hole to hole. Each basket is numbered so you know which one to throw to. Typically, all holes are played as par 3, however par can be modified to suit your skill level. This course is very easy and a good place for a beginner to learn the game (and even get par or a birdie). The course can be easily modified into an 18 hole course by creating new tee-off areas for the various cages. First tee is at the South East Corner of the park between the picnic area and the parking lot.

WARNING: There are usually a few people in this park studying, reading, or relaxing on the grass and children playing in the play area. Disc Golf discs are harder and heavier than your typical Frisbee and can cause pain and possibly serious injury, so be vocal and be very careful!

UCD Frisbee Golf Course - This course on the UC Davis Campus was created by a couple of UC students, with garbage cans, sculptures, and the like acting as the holes. A map can be found at this wiki link or directly [WWW]here (pdf).

Covell Greenbelt Disc Golf Course - This course was designed using existing landmarks by a couple of Covell Greenbelt junkies who think that this greenbelt is oozing with disc golf potential. Play the course and decide for yourself.

Other area courses

golfer.jpgFrisbee Golf is fun and easy to learn


Has been re-opened for use after much deliberation.






Purchasing Discs (golf frisbees)

Where to buy

Discs (golf frisbees) can be purchased at Big 5 Sporting Goods, Davis Sport Shop or a of other stores around Sac, or online. Frisbees can even be found at Target during the summer.

What to buy

Most Discs (golf frisbees) cost between $8 and $20 each. Beginners that only want (or can afford) one or two discs should start with a good multi-purpose Frisbee like the Innova Shark or DiscCraft Buzzz. A putter, which flies steady and level for short distances, is usually the second purchase for those with just a couple discs. Regular players often carry 10 or more discs specific to driving, putting, hyzers (left turn), anhyzers (right turn), etc.

Disc Golf related links

For another fun game of flying discs, check out Ultimate Frisbee


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2006-09-13 14:25:42   About the Davis course: hole #6 has a mandatory dog leg. What about holes# 1 and 2? —RobiPochapin

2007-02-12 15:49:46   I played the "back nine" for the first time today- way better than doing a repeate of the "front nine" or playing it backward. —RobiPochapin

2007-04-05 22:42:20   Chico is the best place to play disc golf. But it's a 2 hour drive north. Ukiah has 3 courses, one of which is really great. Oroville has a course, but it's not great, but it's a lot better than Big Kids Park. There's also a course in Novato, but I've never been to it. The Shady Acres course in Sacramento, in the Orangevale suburb, takes about an hour to get to from Davis. —AnthonyGuzzi

2007-04-06 03:53:39   I haven't done the Chico course, but if you're willing to go that far, the Novato course and another in Napa are both excellent courses through the beautiful rolling hills of CA. —EdHenn

2009-05-10 23:58:22   Better off driving to S.F. if you want to go far and play some frolf. Golden Gate Park's course is awesome. I can not recommend it for newcomers of the game however. —JamesGallerani

2009-07-17 17:28:00   I would agree the Golden Gate course is excellent. But why travel an hour when the underrated Covell Greenbelt course is right in our backyard —ZachStednick

2010-08-06 22:50:22   There's always more room for Frolfing —MeganPetersen

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