Discounts and Freebies


Many Davis businesses offer some great deals, often based on day and time, quantity purchased, birth date, and student or senior citizen status. Businesses also participate in coupon deals, including those found [WWW]online and in print. See also Living Cheaply.

    1. By Day of the Week
      1. Sundays
      2. Mondays
      3. Tuesdays
      4. Wednesdays
      5. Thursdays
      6. Fridays
      7. Saturdays
      8. Sundays (I know...)
      9. Annual
    2. Discount cards
    3. Places with buy-X-get-1-free cards
    4. Coupons and promotions
    5. UCD Students
    6. Graduate / Professional Students
    7. City residents

By Day of the Week

Discount cards

See Living Cheaply -under "Discount programs".

Places with buy-X-get-1-free cards

Coupons and promotions

UCD Students

Graduate / Professional Students

City residents

Note: "Buy One Get One Free" (BOGOF) deals are the same as "2-for-1" deals.

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