Dog N Jog and Competitive Run


One Health Initiative Obesity Awareness: Dog 'N' Jog and Competitive Run
Dog N Jogflat .jpg The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine invites you and your favorite pooch to join us in our effort to raise money for obesity awareness!

Battle of the Bulge – The Fight to Keep Fido Fit!

Does your furry friend spend hours in front of the tube watching Caesar Milan and wishing he were part of his pack? Or perhaps drooling over the thought of his next treat? Couch potatoes and potato chips are not just a human problem, so it’s time to get Fido out of the house and join us for the Dog ‘N’ Jog Fun Run, 5K & 10K “Fight to Keep Fido Fit” in support of the One Health Initiative.

Many people are aware of the obesity epidemic sweeping the nation, contributing to an increased diagnosis of type II diabetes and heart disease. But did you know that this same dangerous trend is trickling down to our furry friends as well? Our bad eating habits are finding their way from our table scraps into Fido’s tummy, and the result is a chubby puppy. Dogs and cats face the same obesity related health challenges that affect people — battling an increased risk of cardiovascular and orthopedic disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, among other things. We want your dog to wag his tail, not tip the scale!
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