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Dog owners may find Davis to be a welcoming yet sometimes frustrating place as the city tries to mediate the needs of dog owners with the desires of other community members. Over the past decade this has elicited volatile (some say "lively") debate at City Council meetings and in letters to The Davis Enterprise. Newcomers to Davis should be aware that [wikipedia]heartworm and fleas are problems in the area, and most dogs are on some sort of preventative medication; foxtails and filaree are other fairly frequent problems for dogs that enjoy running through open fields. This page is intended to provide a home for dog owners and those who simply want to enjoy other people's dogs on occasion. And please be kind to others... pick up after your pooch.

dog_238U.jpgA Dog

Davis Dog Community

See the [WWW]Davis Dog Owners' Group (DDOG) which maintains a list server for DDOG updates.

Also see the Pit Bull entry for the specific issues for the breed, primarily perception by the public.

The Past

dog_park7.jpg The [WWW]"City of Davis Parks & Community Services Department" developed a dog park on the west-most portion of the property known as Toad Hollow (Core Area Pond) on 2nd Street. The development of this area in spring 2005 came only after extensive community discussion and debate beginning as early as 1996, pitting local environmentalists, soccer parents and some relatives of deceased Davisites against local dog owners. Additional recommendations arising from this process include revision of the Parks & Recreation Facilities master plan to include dog parks and dog run areas, exploration of Grasslands Park as a possible site for a dog park, and investigation of potential development of the old city landfill site near Pole Line Road & Covell for a variety of park functions, including use as a dog park.

In September 2003 the Recreation & Park Commission unanimously voted to update the Parks & Recreation Facilities master plan to include: standards for dog run areas, standards for dog parks, proposed locations for dog parks and proposed locations for new dog run areas.

In August 2011, DDOG member Susan Bennett and her dog Ellie Mae were chosen as one team of 15 finalists in the Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest. The grand prize winner of this contest will win $500,000 toward developing their dream dog park. In this case, Sue and Ellie Mae want to put the money toward developing the 35 acre Bark Park at Grasslands Park on Mace Blvd., three miles south of Davis. They have made it to Round 2 of the contest, the community was encouraged to register and vote daily until September 8 (link broken). The public vote counts for 10 percent of the final score. The Beneful Dream Team will also judge the finalist entries, representing 90 percent of the final score to help select the grand prize winner. We need(ed) your votes!

The Future

In December 2003 the Davis City Council unanimously agreed to work with Yolo County on jointly developing a dog park at the county's Grasslands Park on Mace Blvd., three miles south of Davis. [WWW]This agreement was in exchange for 33 acres acquired by the City of Davis as habitat mitigation for Mace Ranch — they pledged to provide parity for the estimated loss of land value by providing, among other things, $45,000-$50,000 for a 35 acre Bark Park at the southwest corner of park. Included in this pledge by the city was provision for perimeter chain link fencing, entrance gates, a ten-vehicle parking lot and water access. Additional Bark Park funding has already been provided through Proposition 12 and work was expected to begin by spring 2005.

A master plan for Toad Hollow Dog Park has been developed with community input [summer 2006] and will be presented to the City Council for approval; additional information and updates can be found on the Toad Hollow Dog Park page.

Off-leash Dog Parks/Runs

dog_park10.jpgToad Hollow Dog Park, though closed during the rainy season, is a popular gathering spot for Davis dogs & owners.

Note: dog runs are areas within existing city parks that are fenced and less than half an acre

Leash Areas

Most parts of Davis and UC Davis outside designated off-leash areas are open to dog walkers, as long as your pet is on leash. However, some are nicer than others if you're looking for a pleasant place to stroll with your dog.

Dog-Friendly Businesses

Dog Friendly Businesses that allow dogs indoors (or other dog-friendly events)

Restaurants with full wait service

Dog Friendly Lodging

Jobs for Dogs

Animal_Rescue.jpgThe 2007-07-21 episode of [wikipedia]Animal Rescue featured this letter from a Davis resident

Hikes & Romps Outside Davis

doghike_morgan.jpgThis is why some of us have dogs! Morgan Territory offers acres of leash-free heaven.

Most [WWW]national and [WWW]state parks either do not allow dogs or restrict them to leashes in campgrounds. Despite the best efforts of the Sierra Club there are, however, some exceptions including beautiful hikes within a couple hours of Davis. As a general rule of thumb, both the [WWW]Bureau of Land Management and the [WWW]Forest Service better serve the needs of dog-owning visitors than park services. Another good source of information is [WWW]'s California Dog Travel Guide, which lists places to hike with your dog as well as places to stay, etc. (The [WWW]Lake Tahoe section of the guide is particularly detailed).

This section lists some regional areas where you can hike with your dog, but please be sure to find out specific regulations... some restrictions apply, especially when local water sources are located within the area. Poison oak can be ubiquitous in lower elevations of California, and though your dog may not end up itching s/he can easily transfer the oils to you. You can help encourage the inclusion of dogs in our parks by ensuring that your puppy is well-mannered and packs out his poop.

Dogs are part of the suborder Caniformia (along with bears, sea lions and many others). So enjoy your Californian Caniformian.


Dog Parks


Adoption Organizations

Health Care

See Veterinary Hospitals for a list of vets in the area, and Food Poisoning covers dog food as well as people food.

Note: If you've just adopted a mixed breed puppy/dog and it as yet has no papers from any agency identifying the breed, you may want to consider "registering" it by the least problematic breed in its genes, e.g. if you have a Pit Bull-sharpei mix, you might just want to register it as a sharpei mix at your first vet visit. That way, if you need to get insurance or a rental lease, you're less likely to be discriminated against based upon your dog's breed. Veterinarians today electronically register all dogs with the county once they've been vaccinated against rabies. Letting your vet know how you'd like your dog's breed identified can save you much grief down the road.

Vaccination/Spay Clinics

Yolo County does not offer low cost spay/neuter clinics to the general public, but [WWW]Sacramento SPCA may be willing to extend its low cost spay/neuter services to Yolo County residents depending upon current demand from their constituency. If you have a Pit Bull or Pit-mix there is a free spay/neuter program (this is also offered in other counties). For a recording of current Sacramento area low cost spay/neuter clinics, contact Sacramento Area Animal Coalition [916.808.SPAY].

Kennels/Pet Sitting

See also Pet Sitting
dog_bugly.jpgA shar-pei... long after the cuteness has worn off


See also Pet Grooming

Dog Portraits



See also Pet Stores

Training & Behavior

See also: Dog Trainers
Refer also to Dog Training
dogsign.jpgobey the sign The Vet Med Teaching Hospital's Clinical Animal Behavior Service has [WWW]handouts and other information on behavior problems in pets
This website has lots of free [WWW]dog clicker training articles to teach you how to clicker train your dog.

Dog Training.jpg

Pet Loss Support/Cremation/Burials

Pet Waste Disposal

Recommended Reading


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