Donna Billick


DonnaBillickEarly-600x800.jpg DonnaBillick2010.jpg Donna Billick 2013-05-31.jpgDonna Billick in 2013

signature.jpgHer signature as it appears on the cow fountain

Donna Billick is the local artist who created the cow fountain and dancing pigs at The Marketplace as well as the Mediation sculpture at Central Park and Frawns for Life near West Area Pond. In 2013 she helped create Compassion Bench and completed a [WWW]mosaic-sculpture community project in Woodland. She works from her home/ceramics studio, Billick Rock Art, located on Covell Boulevard not far from Road 95.
See the following links for more information about this Davis artist:

Donna has also been known to help TA the ceramics lab for Entomology 1 that is held in the Environmental Horticulture building near the University Club as part of the Art-Science Fusion Program program co-created with Diane Ullman.

Her signature has sometimes been misread as Bill Ick.


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