Downtown Phone 3



R.I.P. This phone, once located across from Central Park and next to Crepeville, sat in the little park with the huge tree. The phone was around for a while and removed some time in late April of 2006. The phone number was (530) 757-9722.

While it's sitting in a parkish area, the phone isn't secluded. Your calls will be brushed by numerous pedestrians on this busy street Downtown.

phone_gone.jpgThe spot the phone once was.

This phone rang while my friends and I were walking past. Naturally we picked it up and pretended we were at a pizza restaurant. We walked by it again on a different day and it rang again! Sadly the third time we walked by it did not, and honestly, we were all a bit disappointed.

Teens from the Teen Center used to sit around in view of the pay phone and watch as people picked up their prank calls. It was sort of a fun way to pass their afternoon. As an employee I never stopped them because in a juvenile way, it was usually pretty funny!

See Payphone project and downtown phones.

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