EB Roessler


EB Roessler served on the City Council from 7/20/1951 to 4/20/1957.

He co-authored a book with Maynard Amerine entitled "Wines—Their Sensory Evaluation" that established the modern wine critic nomenclature, among other things. Prior to their book, almost all wine writing consisted of anthropomorphic description: "course," "masculine," "noble." Their book argued that wines should be described in a food-based nomenclature, using words describing specific fruits, textures, vegetables, etc. See [WWW]Why wine writers talk that way for some more.

(excerpt from [WWW]UC Davis Magazine)

Roessler, Edward Biffer (1902-1993)

UC Davis Professor of Mathematics and statistician at the Experiment Station working closely with enologists.

Subject: Viticulture and Enology

Namesake: Roessler Hall

An avid and expert gardener, he cultivated camellias (no small feat in Davis!), roses, fruit trees, and more in a beautiful landscape at his home in College Park.

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