ECE Course Reviews


These are student perspectives on courses in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department.
Note: There are recent changes regarding Senior Design Projects; this list does not yet have the updated info on them.

Current Courses

Lower Division

ENG 6 - Engineering Problem Solving

ENG7. Technology and Culture of the Internet

ENG17. Circuits I

EEC1. Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering

EEC10. Introduction to Digital and Analog Systems

EEC70. Computer Structure and Assembly Language

Upper Division

ENG100. Electronic Circuits and Systems

ENG191. Communication Strategies in Engineering

EEC100. Circuits II

EEC110A. Electronic Circuits I

EEC110B. Electronic Circuits II

EEC112. Communication Electronics

EEC116. VLSI Design

EEC118. Digital Integrated Circuits

EEC130A. Introductory Electromagnetics I
Most of the class is devoted to transmission lines. By the end of this class, the Smith chart will be your friend. The remainder of the class treats Maxwell's equations in more depth than PHY 9C. Don't expect the integrals to be pretty.

EEC130B. Introductory Electromagnetics II

EEC132A. High-Frequency Systems, Circuits and Devices

EEC132B. High-Frequency Systems, Circuits and Devices

EEC132C. RF Amplifiers, Oscillators, Mixers and Antennas

EEC133. Electromagnetic Radiation and Antenna Analysis

EEC135. Optical Communications I: Fibers

EEC 136AB. Opto-electronic Senior Design Project.

EEC140A. Principles of Device Physics I

EEC140B. Principles of Device Physics II

EEC145. Electronic Materials

EEC146A. Integrated Circuits Fabrication

EEC146B. Advanced Integrated Circuits Fabrication

EEC150A. Introduction to Signals and Systems I

EEC150B. Introduction to Signals and Systems II

EEC152. Digital Signal Processing

EEC157A. Control Systems I

EEC157B. Control Systems II

EEC158 Control Systems Design Methods

EEC160. Signal Analysis and Communications

EEC161. Probabilistic Analysis of Electrical & Computer Systems

EEC165. Statistical and Digital Communication

EEC166. Digital Communication Design Techniques

EEC167. Telecommunications Measurements and Instrumentation

EEC170. Introduction to Computer Architecture

EEC171. Parallel Computer Architecture

EEC172. Microcomputer-Based System Design

EEC173A. Computer Networks

EEC173B. Design Projects in Communication Networks

EEC180A. Digital Systems I

EEC180B. Digital Systems II

EEC181. Application Specific Processor Design Project

EEC183. Testing and Verification of Digital Systems

EEC194ABC. Micromouse Design Project

EEC195ABC. Natcar Design Project

EEC196. Issues in Engineering Design

Discontinued Courses

EEC73. Applications of Object-Oriented Programming

EEC101. Gateway to Electrical and Computer Engineering

EEC106. Introduction to Image Processing and Computer Vision

EEC114. Analog Integrated Circuits

EEC136. Opto-Electronics and Fiber-Optics Laboratory

EEC145A. Solid-State Electronics

EEC145B. Solid-State Electronics

EEC151. Instrumentation

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