East Davis Bicycle Spiritual Centre

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1339 Duke Drive
Thursdays, 4-7PM — reopening Thurs Oct 4th
Executive Director
Scooter and The Pumpkins
Jeff and The Bicycle Goddess
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Winter, 2007

The Bike Church was founded in 2004 to be a large, mainstream religious organization focusing on the worship and healing of bicycles. Unfortunately, many bicycles in need of healing are not able to travel on their own power, and remain in a sad and sorry state of repair, hoping their owners will finally take pity on them and bring them in to the church or one of the Bicycle Shops to be healed.

To expedite the overall healing efforts of The Ministry, a small "bicycle spiritual centre" was opened in East Davis in 2007. The facility opens one night a week, operating out of the mobile minister unit.

While the healing opportunities and services at the EDBSC are not as extensive as those at the main location, many parishioners have found that the sins of their bicycles are not as egregious as they first suspected, and the simple healing arts and tools of the EDBSC are more than enough to return their bike to a state of purity.

Note that the EDBSC was originally started as the "East Davis Bicycle Spiritual Center" by Jeff on N Street in winter, 2007. It was dissolved when Jeff moved to Yosemite, and reopened in the spring on Duke Drive, with the name changed to "East Davis Bicycle Spiritual Centre" to cater to the Canadian sympathies of residents of the new location.

The driveway of 1339 is in deep shade all afternoon, and is comfortable at temperatures up to 100. When temperatures are above 95, ice cream and lemonade are often offered to parishioners to reward them for their pious efforts.

2007 Fall Schedule

Reopening Thurs Oct 4th

Date Minister (4 - 5:30) Minister (5:30 - 7) Acolyte(s) Notes
Thurs, Oct 4 Pasture Ted Pasture Ted - -
Thurs, Oct 11
Thurs, Oct 18 ? ? ?
Thurs, Oct 25 ? ? ? ?
Thurs, Nov 1 ? ? ?
Thurs, Nov 8 ? ? ?
Thurs, Nov 15 ? ? ?
Thurs, Nov 22 ? ? ?
Thurs, Nov 29 ? ? ?

Benjamin.jpgBenjamin repacks the headset on his Mongoose, June 2007


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